FORT LORAMIE — The Fort Loramie High School Class of 2021 will receive their diplomas during graduation ceremony planned for May 23, 2021, in the high school gymnasium at 1 p.m.

The class motto is “Never forget where you’ve been, never lose sight of where you’re going, and never take for granted the people who travel the journey with you,” by Susan Gale. The class song is “6 Feet Apart” by Luke Combs.The class flower is Polar Star Rose (white rose).

The class poem is “We Are From” by the 2021 AP Literature Class, compiled by Danielle Eilerman.

“We are from a one church town,

From red barns and narrow backroads.

We are from the grazing fields

In which our golden corn and beans grow,

From flowing mullets and flannels with jeans,

To fresh air and quiet nights that just can’t be beat.

We are from the Land of the Redskins,

Wearing red and black under stadium lights,

From “Give it your all!” and “Never quit!”

Our laughs at team meals to the joy of fire truck parades.

We are from our past teachers.

From Hermit crabs and popsicle stick bridges.

We reminisce the simpler times of

Pringle can multiplication and singing “The Wheels on the Bus.”

We are from a time of uncertainty,

A time of masks and stolen memories,

Of online school and wondering when

We will get to return to normalcy.

We are from this sweet little town.

We’ve made the most of our time.

Now we are off to great places to accomplish great feats.

But no matter where we go or how far life takes us,

We will always remember where we are from,

We will never forget this place we call home.”

Members of the Class of 2021 are Grant Albers, Leslie Allen, Ethan Austin, Carson Barhorst, Katelyn Barhorst, Nicholas Barhorst, Samuel Barhorst, Nolan Berning, Dustin Billing, Reece Boerger, Austin Bollheimer, Bret Bruns, Alexis Burnside, Claire Chaney, Jason Chaney, Katelyn DeLoye, Danielle Eilerman, Hayden Eilerman, Megan Eilerman, Paige Eilerman, Mack Fortman, Olivia Frey, Caitlyn Gasson, Clara Gephart, Ava Grudich, Kevin Gusching, Corynn Heitkamp, McKenzie Hoelscher, Ellie Holthaus, Emily Holthaus, Kelsi Holthaus, Darren Hoying, Lorissa Hoying, Max Hoying, Owen Kitzmiller, Alexander Knouff, Jordyn Koverman, Kylie Kuck, Tyler Luthman, Jared Magoteaux, McKenna Mannier, Isaac Maurer, Maya Maurer, Hannah May, Marcus McGowan, Jada Mescher, Austin Meyer, Caeleb Meyer, Derek Meyer, Lynzee Meyer, Nathan Meyer, Trevor Middendorf, Collin Moore, Gloria Olberding, Emily Pleiman, Jarrett Poeppelman, Shienne Posada, Jadyn Puthoff, Lucas Puthoff, Ella Raterman, Hannah Raterman, Devin Ratermann, Jared Roach, Angelica Rodriguez, Dana Rose, Grace Rose, Brock Ruhenkamp, Iris Ruhenkamp, Jake Sanders, Hailey Sherman Hoelscher, Brenna Shonk, Adam Siegel, Madeline Simon, Sam Smith, Jordan Ward, Kalei Welch, Danielle Wendeln, Destiny Wheeldon, Haley Wolfe ane Devin Wray.