Chief estimator at H.A. Dorsten retires


MINSTER – H.A. Dorsten – a commercial construction company in Minster – announced the retirement of Chief Estimator Morris Bensman after 44 years of service.

Bensman began at H.A. Dorsten in May 1977.

“I had just graduated from technical school,” he said, “and wanted to follow a career path in the construction field. I went to school for architectural engineering, but when you graduate you’re not sure how things will evolve. Over the years I’ve been involved in many different functions, like estimating and project management.”

While he has been integral to many of the company’s construction efforts, the most memorable recent projects Bensman has worked on are The Heart institute and PotashCorp projects in Lima.

“They were enjoyable projects to be connected with,” he said.

Bensman’s tenure has spanned the three generations of ownership of this family-run business.

“I’ve been here since Harold Dorsten, then Ron and now Sean,” Bensman said. “They are great people to work for. They’ve always had a keen eye as far as hiring people, quality people that work together in a teamwork-type atmosphere. Those are all things that should be high on someone’s list of a great workplace, that your buddy strives to get along and work together as a team.”

When discussing the careers of younger people entering the construction field today, Bensman had this to share: “Try to find a field that you have a high aptitude for or a keen interest in. That’s your best guarantee for success. Find an employer that you really feel comfortable with in that particular field. You always want to make the best income you can, but hopefully that goes hand-in-hand with your talents and abilities, and you grow from there.”

“What we love about working with Morris,” said Sean Dorsten, president of H.A. Dorsten, “is that he’s very particular. He’s very thorough. He’s worn so many hats and been so reliable over the years. He’s going to be a hard one to replace.”

For more information about long-term career opportunities at H.A. Dorsten, contact [email protected].


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