Commission OKs subdivision’s preliminary plat


SIDNEY —A preliminary plat for the Bur Oak subdivision north of Russell Road was approved by the Sidney Planning Commission during its hybrid-style meeting Monday evening.

The OK’d request of Choice One Engineering, on behalf of MSGA Development, was for a preliminary plat located north of Russell Road, west of St. Marys Avenue, and east and south of Interstate 75. The preliminary plat proposes 238 new lots, said Barbara Dulworth, community development director. This property has been the subject of a rezoning request and a revision to the rezoning earlier in 2021.

The subdivision includes five phases, with one through four being residential development, and Phase 5 being commercial development adjacent to St. Marys Avenue. The proposed lots include:

• 222 single family residence lots;

• One lot to be dedicated parkland;

• Seven open space/buffer lots, to be owned and maintained by the Homeowners Association (HOA);

• Two multi-family zoned lots;

• Six commercial zoned lots.

There are 13 new streets and the extension of Hoewisher Road through the subdivision, Dulworth said. Eleven of the new streets are located in the residential phases and will have a right-of-way width of 50 feet and a street width, curb to curb, from 30 to 36 feet, depending on whether on-street parking is prohibited, permitted on both sides, or permitted on one side only. Two new streets in the commercial phase have a 60-foot-right-of-way and a street width of 41 feet. The right-of-way for the Hoewisher Road extension, which goes from St. Marys Avenue to Russell Road, varies in width from 80 feet, in the commercially zoned area, to 60 feet, in the residential area, and will match the right-of-way width and street width where it intersects with Fourth Avenue. Two of the proposed street names are similar to existing street names, she said, so the developer will be proposing different names for Queens Court and Leslie Drive. In addition, the “east” and “west” will be removed from Castle Court.

A section of the subdivision regulations requires that cul-de-sacs be no longer than 600 feet, unless topography necessitates a greater length. Both Leslie Drive and Shaggy Bark Drive are cul-de-sacs, with lengths greater than 600 feet. The developer intends to request a waiver at the time of final plat due to the presence of wetlands and difficult topography of the area.

City water and sewer utilities are available to be extended into the subdivision. Proper sizing and looping of water mains where necessary will be coordinated as part of the construction plans for each phase of the subdivision.

Based on an anticipated 222 single family dwellings and 22 acres of multi-family zoning, the required parkland dedication for this subdivision is 6.3 acres, per a section of the subdivision regulations, Dulworth said. The developer is proposing to dedicate 4.747 acres for parkland in Phase 3 of the subdivision and pay a fee in lieu of dedication for the remaining 1.55 acres. The fee in lieu of the dedication is $50,000 per acre, so the total fee would be $77,650. The Sidney parks director has reviewed the proposed park and is satisfied with the park acreage and location. The Parks and Recreation Board will review the park plan on July 12, and will make a recommendation prior to approval of a final plat for Phase 1 of the subdivision.

The preliminary plat includes open spaces and buffers, which will be owned and maintained by the HOA. Green space buffers are included along Russell Road and Hoewisher Road in the residential phases. There is also an open space buffer between the single family residences and the commercial zoning in Phase 3. This open space buffer will include a walking path which connects to the parkland and through to Shaggy Bark Drive and Red Oak.

Members asked numerous questions of Dulworth about the plans she outlined. Several members noted they would rather see the new streets width from curb to curb be closer to 36 feet. Also it was questioned about the ability of a large vehicle such as an EMS or trash truck being able to turn around in the cul-de-sac. Dulworth noted the cul-de-sac is specifically designed to allow enough room for these larger vehicles to turn around.

At the end of the meeting, Commission Chair Tom Ehler reminded all attending next month’s planning commission meeting will be held in person in Council Chambers in City Hall for members, and also for any members of the public who wish to participate. The governor’s order expired July 1, 2021, requiring public meetings to be held virtually.

By Sheryl Roadcap

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