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125 Years

October 1, 1896

A horse owned by Charles E. Thompson ran away about 2 o’clock this afternoon. It was hitched in front of his place of business on Main avenue when a barrel rolled out of Piper’s grocery frightening it. The horse jerked the bridle off and ran around the court square and to Musselman’s livery stable where it is kept. At the Monumental building corner, the buggy was jerked off and near the Wagner House, the horse ran into a coal wagon and one wheel was broken.


The butcher shops in Sidney will be closed on Sunday mornings from now until the first of May. Housewives are asked to bear this in mind in making their meat purchases for Sunday dinner.


John A. Munford, of East Sidney, raised 28 pumpkins from one pumpkin seed at his home. The largest pumpkin was four feet and one inch in circumference, and the smallest was two feet and two inches.


J.H. Thomas, of Loramie township, is attending medical college at Cincinnati.


Another high grade bicycle, Stormer (either ladies’ or gents’) with a bell and lamp, will be given away free to some fortunate customer of Shrine’s cigar and tobacco store on October 31.

100 Years

October 1, 1921

At its meeting last evening, the city board of health employed Miss Sperry as public health nurse. She is a Red Cross nurse fully qualified to teach hygiene and care of the sick. Miss Reinhart, the visiting nurse was employed on a part-time basis. The board also recommended that the present drinking fountains on the court square be replaced with modern sanitary fountains.


Work is under way on the new centralized school building at Plattsille. The contract for the structure was awarded to H.L. Loudenback of Sidney.


Local hunters report that the supply of squirrels in the county and surrounding areas is scarce this year. The squirrels seem to have been frightened by the unusually large number of hunters in the woods. The season on squirrels closes on October 20 and rabbit season opens on November 15.

75 Years

October 1, 1946

Resumption of the drafting of men after a two-month “holiday” was felt locally today, when 25 men left for Fort Hayes, Columbus, where they were to take their pre-induction physical examinations. The group leaving today was in charge of Eugene F. Runyon.


The Senior high school has five new clubs this year. These include: Press Club (Miss Flaugher); Keys to Wisdom (Miss Beckett); Radio Speech (Miss Owens); and Latin Club (Miss Robert). In addition, Mr. Brown has started an Interscholastic club.


An Opportunity to inspect the new feed mill of the Farm Bureau at Jackson Center will be offered to members and the general public on Friday evening, when an informal open house will be held at the elevator, it was announced today by Russell B. Sayre, Fieldman.

50 Years

October 1, 1971

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of St. John at Fort Loramie have donated a Wright-Respirometer, a breath measuring device, to Wilson Memorial Hospital. The respirometer enables hospital staff members to determine when a respiratory patient can breath safely without assistance from a respiratory machine.

25 Years

October 1, 1996

MINSTER-A crowd of spectators, many as six deep in some places, lined the streets to watch floats, bands, marching units and world-famous hitch of horses participate in the 22nd annual Minster Oktoberfest Parade.


WASHINGTON (AP) – The minimum wage rose to $4.75 today, a 50-cent-an-hour pay raise the government estimates will lift thousands of Americans out of poverty. “The minimum wage is not going to cure poverty in one fell swoop,” Labor Secretary Robert Reich said in an interview Monday. “But clearly this is a major step forward for hard-working people at the bottom of the rung of our economy.”


The Sidney High School football field at Julia Lamb Stadium took quite a beating Friday night when Sidney played Trotwood in a downpour that lasted over half the game.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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