SIDNEY — The Midwest Regional Educational Service Center (MRESC) has announced Dave Shellhaas has received the Ohio Educational Service Center’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Shellhaas is a resident of Greenville, Ohio, and works throughout Shelby, Logan and Hardin counties.

As his nominee explained, “It is not an exaggeration to say that it would be nearly impossible to find an individual as committed to serving teachers, leadership teams, and districts as Dave Shellhaas. He embodies the core values of our system by providing exceptional service, practical support, and a consistent willingness to take on new challenges.” Shellhaas has over 30 years of experience as a teacher, director of curriculum, and professional development specialist with the Darke County and Midwest Regional ESCs.

Among numerous other achievements, Shellhaas has spearheaded the development of a digital science curriculum for grades 3-5 and created a seventh- and eighth-grade manufacturing/skilled trades curriculum to help districts maximize career exploration activities. He serves as a facilitator for Ohio’s math/science curriculum supervisors’ network, authored a book on practical formative assessment strategies, and spearheads the development and delivery of numerous workshops on high-impact instructional strategies.

About the MRESC – The Midwest Regional Educational Service Center provides school districts in Shelby, Logan, and Hardin counties with professional development, special education programming, administrative support, planning assistance, and other services that improve student learning, enhance the quality of instruction, expand access to high-quality resources, and maximize operating and fiscal efficiencies. Our mission is to serve and support students, families, and school districts as an innovative educational partner.

MRESC provides direct services to 17 public school districts, five non-public schools, two joint vocational districts/career centers, three Boards of Developmental Disabilities, and over 50 additional districts requesting vision and mobility services throughout Ohio. For more information about the MRESC, please visit