Croft resigns from Sidney BOE


SIDNEY — The resignation of a member of the Sidney City Schools Board of Education was accepted during the board meeting Monday night.

Mandi Croft, who has served the district for six years on the board, submitted her resignation effective Dec. 31, 2021.

“Sidney City Schools very much appreciates Mandi Croft’s service to the students and staff of the district, and we wish her and her family well,” said Superintendent Bob Humble.

The resignation was approved by a 3-0 vote with Croft and Linda Meinerding absent from the meeting.

Croft explained her reasons for resigning in her letter to the the school district and community.

“I know my elected term is not finished, but I feel it is time for me to part ways,” Croft wrote in her resignation letter. “This past year was incredibly difficult on many different levels, but with the passing of the levy and the financial picture where it is now, I feel that this is the best time for me to pass on this torch to another community member while I focus on my family and graduate studies.”

Croft said she has learned many things about the operation of the school district and the board of education.

“The role of a school board member is much different than I originally thought it would be, but I’m glad I did it,” Croft wrote. “Through my experiences, I now know and understand so much more about school districts, school finance, and people — including myself. It has always been my intention to make the best decision possible with the information available at the time.

“Even with the best of intentions, things don’t always end up working out the way we expect or hope. Hindsight is a window to valuable lessons, and I’ve certainly learned many during my time as a board member. I understand leaving mid-term is certainly not ideal. The decision was not an easy one, but it is the right one for me,” Croft continued.

Croft concluded her letter by talking about the Sidney community.

“This is a great school district, but the divide is immense,” Croft wrote. “I hope and pray that one day there is healing and we can all fin common ground for the sake of the youth in this community. For those who are working every day to make the district the best it can be, I applaud you and appreciate all that you have done for our kids and our community. To the community, and those who supported me throughout this adventure, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity for the six years I was able to do so.”

Croft’s replacement will be approved by the board of education.

According to the board’s bylaws — based on the Ohio Revised Code — whenever a vacancy occurs, the Board shall fill the vacancy at its next regular or special meeting but not earlier than 10 days after the vacancy occurs.

To fill the vacancy, the board will seek qualified and interested candidates from the community through the news media, word of mouth, and contacts with appropriate organizations. All applicants will submit a notice of their interest, in writing, to the superintendent.

Appointment by the board to fill a vacancy will be by the majority vote of the remaining members of the board.

If the board fails to appoint a member to its board within 30 days after the vacancy occurs, the Shelby County Probate Court, upon being advised of the failure to fill the vacancy shall act as the board and perform the duties imposed upon the board.

The newly-appointed board member selected to fill a vacancy will serve the remainder of Croft’s term of office and then have to run for re-election in two years.

Anyone interested in applying for the position should contact the board of education office by Dec. 31.


By Melanie Speicher

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