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125 Years

January 5, 1897

Some time between 11 o’clock last night and this morning someone picked the lock on the front door at the World’s Fair second hand store on North Main avenue, entered the store and carried away four watches, two gold rings, a necklace, revolver and two razors. Marshall Stockstill thinks it was done by local talent.


Dr. J.A. Throckmorton, and E.B. Goold will open a dancing school in the vacant room in the Democrat building tomorrow night.


The Hayner liquor store has been moved to the Sarver music room, three doors north of the Citizens Bank on North Main avenue.

100 Years

January 5, 1922

The Phi Delta Kappa fraternity held their annual banquet and election of officers last evening at their home. Leroy Bland was named president: M.B. McKee, vice president; Robert Kaser, secretary and treasurer; Max Cohen, social secretary; James Sharp, sergeant at arms; Jay Brown, master of ceremonies; Robert Stump, inner guard; and Wilfred Zimpfer, outer guard.


Eighty-two prize birds from Sidney poultrymen were entered in the Kettlersville Poultry show last week. Local exhibitors included: Charles Valentine, T. Frank Jackson, Rev. R. Wobus, Woolley Brothers, Henry Eisenhut, William Webber, and Edward Henke.

75 Years

January 5, 1947

Henry Ver Wayne was installed as president of the Sidney Kiwanis for the year 1947 at the regular luncheon meeting held yesterday noon in the Hotel Wagner. Installed with Ver Wayne were: Fred Dull, vice president; Dale Bodine, secretary; and Arthur Allinger, treasurer. Otis Smith of West Alexandria, lieutenant governor of the Second division, was the installing officer.


Dale M. Hague has resumed his duties with the Sidney Fire Department, following his honorable discharge from the Navy after serving 21 months overseas, monthly in the Asiatic-Pacific theatre.


Five Sidney officers will attend the Fourth regimental school at Findlay tomorrow. The school is for officers of the Ohio State Guard. Attending will be: Lt. Col. C.R. Stump, battalion commander; 1st Lt. George T. Hasebrook; adjutant of the third battalion; Capt. Clyde Milhoff, 1st Lt. Arthur Tremaine, and 2nd Lt. Merton Maxwell, of Co. K. Suspended during the holidays, regular drills will be resumed on Monday.

50 Years

January 5, 1972

Completing their reorganization for 1972, members of the Sidney Board of Education at a special meeting Monday evening re-elected John Schinn to serve as president.


ANAHEIM, Calif. – Jim Maloney, veteran righthander traded to the California Angels last year after spending a decade with the Cincinnati Reds, has been given his unconditional release from the Angels.

Maloney made only four starts with the Angels for an 0-3 record and a 5.10 earned run average after being hampered by injuries.

25 Years

January 5, 1997

Unlike many women (as well as a good number of men), Amanda Cable was not scared off by the requirements listed for a job posted on the bulletin board at Amos Press Inc.

“Mechanical aptitude required,” it stated.

At the time Amanda was working in the circulation department of The Sidney Daily News as a customer service representative. She wore dresses and hosiery and worked in the clean, pleasant surroundings of the newly-remodeled offices of the business. But the job was only part time.

So when the Sidney woman saw a posting for a full-time position, she readily applied. And as far as anyone at Amos Press knows, she was the first woman in the 106-year history of the company to ever seek a job in the pressroom. For certain, she is the first woman to ever work in the pressroom.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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