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125 Years

January 12, 1897

A special train, consisting of five coaches and carrying the Geisha Opera company from St. Louis to Cleveland, passed through here yesterday afternoon about 4:30 o’clock on the Big Four railroad. The train made a fast run. It left St. Louis at 8:30 a.m. and arrived at Cleveland at 7:45 p.m. The train averaged better than 50 miles per hour, all stops included. The run between Versailles and this city, 18 miles, was made in 16 minutes.


Services especially for young men were held at the various churches in Sidney yesterday under the auspices of the state committee of Young Men’s Christian Association of Ohio. All the meetings were well attended and the crowd was so large for the evening meeting at the United Presbyterian Church that it was necessary to arrange a second meeting in the assembly room of the court house.

100 Years

January 12, 1922

At their meeting last evening members of city council completed their organization for the year. E.T. Custenborder sprang a surprise in submitting his resignation as a member of council, giving no reason for his decision. In formal action a motion was approved authorizing the appointment of a committee to work with the city solicitor and service director in regard to the construction of the archway under the B. & O. railroad on West Court street.


Two representatives of the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company were in the city yesterday, looking for a vacant store room in which to open one of their stores. They found that Sidney has no vacant rooms.


The Dickensheets grocery truck and Cherry Cheer truck both skidded around in a circle when dodging each other at the corner of Ohio avenue and North street this morning. The Dickensheets truck ended up skidding against a telephone pole, smashing a wheel.

75 Years

January 12, 1947

The home labor-saving exhibit of the agricultural extension service at Ohio State University will be shown in Shelby county on Feb. 4, it was announced today by R.W. Munger, local extension agent. Shelby is one of 56 Ohio counties in which the exhibit, of interest to both men and women, will be shown during January, February, and March.


President Truman today sent to Congress a “balanced” – and what he termed a “hardboiled” – budget, calling for federal spending of $37.5 billion during the 1948 fiscal year.

50 Years

January 12, 1972

A tentative agreement was reached Monday night in Lima to sell the Ottawa Valley Tuberculosis Hospital to the Allen County Board of Commissioners.

Shelby County Commissioner Merton Maxwell said today that commissioners in the five-county TB health district agreed to proceed with the sale, and ordered an appraisal of the 48-acre facility.


Influenza, which is spreading across Ohio, has caused the attendance in some local schools to drop 20-25 per cent.

A 30 per cent absenteeism rate, the highest in the county, was reported today in Jackson Center schools, with 119 children listed as absent.

25 Years

January 12, 1997

MINSTER – Minster High School graduate Tony Hemmelgarn’s career in coaching has already taken him to California and back to his native Ohio. And, he’s only age 27.

Hemmelgarn was named assistant coach of the University of Dayton’s women’s basketball team for the 1996-1997 season.

The Minster native said he is pleased to be back in the Miami Valley and to be working with head coach Clemette Haskins at UD.

“It’s a great school. I grew up watching UD and I know what a great basketball town Dayton is,” Hemmelgarn said. “We have one of the nicest arenas in the country, and the McHale Center addition will be one of the top training complexes in all of college basketball.”


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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