Appellate Court to travel to Shelby County


SIDNEY — On Tuesday, May 3rd, the Third District Court of Appeals will travel to the Shelby County Courthouse for a special court session during which the court will hear oral arguments before an audience of local attorneys, elected officials and members of the public.

The Court of Appeals ordinarily holds oral argument at its courtroom in Lima. The “on the road” special sessions in counties within its district provide the court with an opportunity to connect with the public of the 17 counties that comprise the Third Appellate District. The last time the court visited Shelby County was in September 2006.

During the session on Tuesday, two civil cases will be heard, one originating from Logan County and the other from Union County. A three-judge panel consisting of Judge William R. Zimmerman (presiding), Judge Stephen R. Shaw, and Judge John R. Willamowski will hear the cases. The Court’s fourth judge is Mark C. Miller.

The Shelby County Bar Association (William R. Zimmerman Jr., president) will host a luncheon with members of the Bar Association and the court.

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