SIDNEY — Sidney City Schools will welcome Jeff Veley, award-winning youth motivational speaker, social skills educator and entertainer who specializes in resilience education for bullying prevention.

As a part of the SMS Against Bullying Campaign, Sidney Middle School students will attend an assembly with Veley on May 19 during the day. Veley’s student assemblies teach kids how to make friends and manage enemies. Through laughter and learning, students discover how to become emotionally resilient and respond to mean behavior.

Families and the public are invited to attend the free evening event, Building Resilient Kids, beginning at 6 p.m. at Sidney High School. Veley teaches parents how to raise resilient kids and empower children that are targets of social aggression. As a result, parents learn how to help their students stop mean behavior and solve social problems, without the constant need for adult intervention.

Sidney Middle School students will have a remote learning day on Friday, May 20, as SMS staff will be participating in professional development with Veley on empowering students and improving school culture. Veley will guide them in learning how to grow resilience in students, reduce social and emotional drama, and help students solve conflicts.

Veley makes social and emotional learning fun. He’s a mental health professional that’s insanely entertaining. Despite extraordinary challenges, Veley learned how to make friends and manage enemies. Through a unique blend of speaking and entertainment, he connects with diverse audiences to share a message of resilience education for bullying prevention.

Empowering youth in two simple steps, Veley teaches the Peace Sign Approach, a psychological response to social aggression. To date, his message has reached over 1 million people. Through his practical strategies, students, parents, and educators learn how to solve social problems quickly and easily.

Known for his creativity in program development, Veley is the co-author of Golden Rule Ambassadors social and emotional learning curriculum, SQUABBLES® conflict resolution system, and Bigfoot Gets Bullied, a No. 1 Amazon-best selling children’s book. Jeff’s work has appeared on NBC, ABC, FOX, and TV Chile.

Additionally, Veley has received the Golden Rule International Award and the World Civility International Award for effectiveness in conflict resolution. As a result, the United Nations officially recognizes Veley as a World Peace Ambassador in over 120 nations.