Airstream introduces E1 Package option for Mercedes-Benz line of motorized RVS


JACKSON CENTER – Airstream Inc., maker of the iconic “silver bullet” fleet of Airstream travel trailers and best-in-class touring coaches, announced the E1 Package for its line of Mercedes-Benz motorized RVs. Following Airstream’s core principle of not making changes and only making improvements, the E1 Package provides owners with enhanced power storage and a single-fuel-source hydronic heating and hot water system which eliminates the need for propane gas or a gas generator.

The E1 Package is available exclusively for Airstream’s touring coach products that are built on a Mercedes-Benz van and cab chassis. This upgraded package adds improvements throughout the touring coach by providing up to 10 times the battery power (compared with the standard configuration) as well as a hassle-free, diesel-fired hydronic heating and hot water system.

“The E1 Package is a major innovation for our motorized products, with a simplified experience that delivers more power than ever before,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and CEO. “When we design improvements, our goal is to provide owners with innovative solutions that let them focus more fully on the travel experience. Whether you’re working from the road, heading south for the winter, or looking to spend more time off-grid, the E1 Package’s powerful battery and single-fuel-source comfort system makes it easier than ever to get the most out of your touring coach.”

At the heart of the E1 Package is the powerful Volta power system, featuring a high-capacity 12,000 Watt-hour lithium battery pack. A 3,200-watt pure sine inverter, two 30-amp converters, a secondary 51-volt alternator, and additional inputs for solar harvesting work in conjunction to provide a seamless experience whether hooked up to shore power, boondocking on battery power, or driving to your destination.

Living up to Airstream founder Wally Byam’s promise to provide all the comforts of home while on the road, the E1 Package includes a Timberline 2.0 single-fuel-source diesel-fired heating and hot water system, helping to simplify the experience by efficiently heating the interior on chilly days and providing on-demand hot water to the sinks and showers while using the same diesel tank that supplies fuel to the touring coach’s engine.

Without the need for propane, owners don’t have to worry about filling and monitoring tanks, further enhancing the camping experience. The diesel-fired comfort system also eliminates the need for a generator, so whether camping on shore power or off-grid, the E1 Package lets owners focus on what’s important – relaxing and enjoying the trip.

Taken together, the E1 Package combines 12.1 kilowatt-hours of battery storage, a powerful inverter and dual converters, a single-fuel-source heating and hot water system, and versatility for an upgraded and simplified camping experience. With Airstream craftsmanship inside, Mercedes-Benz power and performance under the hood, and the E1 Package optional upgrade, owners can hit the road for an unparalleled travel experience.

For more information about the E1 Package, or Airstream and its full product lineup, visit

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