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NASHVILLE — When like minds come together important things can happen. That’s what happened when “All We Can Do from our heart” fundraiser was born. Two women, one from Nashville and an author from Ohio, put their minds together and are producing an event to help children and their families not go hungry.

“All We Can Do from our heart” will be held June 25 at the Troubadour Nashville Theater, 2416 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, from 1-5 p.m. Admission fee is $10 per person. The Store is a 501c3 so anything purchased at the auction can be considered a donation.

Samantha Sheridan — the pen name for Pam Egbert — authored the book “The Silver Heart” in the late 90’s and decided to republish the book with her new publishing company.

“The Silver Heart” is about a young woman from Ohio who loved horses and did everything she could to work in the Quarter Horse industry. She was working at the Ohio Quarter Horse Association booth at the Ohio State Fair when she met Mike.

“I was excited to hear the American Quarter Horse Association-approved me using their organization in my book,” Egbert said.

Also written into the book was horse trainer Pete Oen, who was a youngster when the book was written and was training horses in Ohio. He was going to barrel races in Ohio and training horses on a small scale. Oen also trained one of Egbert’s Quarter horses, Missy.

Egbert has been friends with La Donna Brewer-Capps for over 15 years and when she needed a song to market the book, she found one Brewer-Capps recorded. The fit was not perfect but, Egbert didn’t let go of the song. She loved it and kept it in her archives.

“I knew this song was perfect for the book and the feelings in the song were perfect,” Egbert explained. “These two people want to be together, but their professional lives keep them apart, but their hearts are still in love.”

Brewer-Capps has been in Nashville most of her life. Singing since she was a child, she has sung all over the country and keeps her country roots close to her heart.

“I have sung backup vocals for Dolly Parton, Wynonna, Garth Brooks, Conway Twitty and more,” Brewer-Capps said.

“When we thought about the song release and book release for ‘The Silver Heart’ La Donna and I both knew it had to be in Nashville,” Egbert said. “Both La Donna and I have the biggest hearts and we wanted the money from the door to go to feed the children who are hungry in Nashville.”

Egbert contacted The Store about donating the money to their organization and things started to roll from there. The Store became the recipient of all the money raised at the event.

The Store is inspired by Unity Shoppe, located in Santa Barbara, California. Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley first visited Unity Shoppe with their sons.

“We took our boys to Unity Shoppe to teach them about serving others and giving back to people in need,” said Paisley. “And we came away surprised by what the organization had taught us. Most people don’t want handouts. They want dignity and respect. Most people want to become self-sufficient.”

They were so inspired by the way Unity Shoppe empowers people, including volunteers, that they wanted to expand on that model in Nashville. The Store is its own unique spin on a free grocery store that offers a healthy food shopping experience.

The Store offers a variety of foods that will help individuals strive for healthier lives through choice, dignity and sustainability. Their goal is to serve at least 3,000 people a year.

“At other fundraisers we have always had autographed items donated by some of our country music friends,” Brewer-Capps said. “In order to raise even more money for the kids we decided to do a live auction at this show. We are contacting our friends and the donations are coming in at this time.”

Paisley donated an autographed cowboy hat and picture for the auction.

Egbert was Fred Wells’ manager when she and Brewer-Capps met.

“When we started to think about who we wanted to perform that day Pam and I both knew we wanted to bring Fred Wells down to sing at the show. He is the one who brought us together and I knew how good of singer he is,” Brewer-Capps said.

Wells has been performing since he was young and after starting to sing karaoke, he found he loved to sing in front of a crowd. He started to sing with a few of his friends and ended up starting the band OutRider. He performed with them for 16 years, as the lead singer. After OutRider her performed with WiFive and is now the lead singer for Karma’s Pawn for the past 10 years.

“I grew up listening to Alabama and Ronnie Milsap. Always loved their strong ballads, and I have performed many of their songs,” said Wells.

Wells recorded “I’d Come Running,” which made him a Nashville recording artist.

Once some of the artists were set to perform the next thing to do was find the perfect name for the event. The two women didn’t want to focus on the book or song only, so they combined the two projects and found the name.

“When we needed a name for the event, I could only think of one thing. The song ‘All I Can Do,’” Egbert said. “We are giving back to the community of Nashville, and we are doing it with our heart.”

Also performing at the show is LuLu Roman from Hee Haw, Olivia Toliver, Julie Keech Harris, Rodney Collins and more.

“When we started to plan this event, it started out about La Donna’s new release and my book launch, but it became so much more,” Egbert said. “It became about the Nashville community.

“We are so lucky to have Rodney Collins on this project with us. He owns the Troubadour Nashville Theater, and he donated the theater to us for that day. We have worked hard to have zero expenses for this show. La Donna, Barry and I have donated some things to make this a zero-expense show. We wanted to donate every dime to The Store. Rodney will also be taking the stage at the show and singing a few of his songs. This show has been a large amount of God Winks as some may say. Things have just come to us.”

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