Out of the past

125 Years

July 8, 1897

A meeting of the grain merchants of Sidney and Shelby County was held at the Florentine Hotel yesterday afternoon. Most of the grain merchants of the county were present. The object of the meeting was to effect an organization for their mutual protection.


L.M. Studevant has purchased an adding machine which he now has in use at the Peoples Savings and Loan Association office. The machine is about nine inches square and a foot high. It is called the Burroughs Registering Accountant and is made in St. Louis, Mo.


In the 14-mile road bicycle race at Midway Park on Monday afternoon, O.W. Nisewonger won second place. His prize was a bicycle suit. H.C. Jones was in the race but met with an accident and was thrown from his wheel and his left side badly bruised.

100 Years

July 8, 1922

Everything is reported in readiness for the transfer of the exchange of the Sidney Telephone Company into its new building on North Street, set for 10 o’clock tomorrow evening. The new building, while not entirely completed on the inside, is far enough along and new equipment sufficiently installed that the change can be made. Officers of the local telephone company include: W.H. Wagner, president; I.H. Thedieck, vice president; A.J. Hess, treasurer; George B. Quatman, secretary and manager. These officers with F.P. Thedieck constitute the board of directors.


In preparation for the opening of the annual Chautauqua next week, N.E. Eckelberry, advance advertising man for Coit Albert Company, arrived in Sidney this morning.

75 Years

July 8, 1947

Two music teachers were hired and the resignation of another accepted at the meeting of the Sidney board of education held yesterday. Teachers hired were Paul Fitzwater and Miss Margaret Faulkner, with Fitzwater to be director of music, in charge of instrumental teaching and some vocal teaching. Miss Faulkner is to be in charge of vocal study. The resignation of William Alexander as junior high mathematics teacher was accepted.


The “flying saucers” that continue to mystify everyone are reported to have been observed by three other Sidney people. Mr. and Mrs. William Avey, North Main Avenue, report they observed the “large discs” while driving on North Main, and Miss Ida Pfefferle, of Bay Street, reports seeing them while seated in front of a cottage at Orchard Island. All three did not think too much of the incidents until the stories of “flying saucers” began to appear.

50 Years

July 8, 1972

BOTKINS – Norm Elsass wanted a good, clean break, without extra fanfare, when he retired as longtime postmaster at the Botkins Post Office last Friday. But he couldn’t keep from becoming emotional, as he spoke of the transitions that have occurred during his regime as postmaster since Dec. 1, 1946.

It was close to a year after he had become a temporary rural carrier on Botkins’ only country mail delivery – R.R. 1 – that he was named to the office which he held until he turned over the keys to its immediate successor, Charles Elsass.


Three Sidney youths completed a 30-mile bicycle trip to and from Kiser Lake on Wednesday with Sidney-Shelby County Family YMCA Program Director Ernie Jones. Pedaling the 30-mile course were Pat Arnie, 11; Sue Arnie, 10; and Annette Bornhorst, 14.

25 Years

July 8, 1997

The Sidney Police Department has hired three new employees. The new officers are Robert Jamieson, William Shoemaker and Kim Curlis. Curlis will be a dispatcher and while Jamieson and Shoemaker will be patrol officers. Jamieson worked at Honda of America. Shoemaker is from Union City, Ohio. He was working at Club 7 Sports in Greenville, Ohio, prior to being selected.


Larry Kleinhans has been selected as the newest Shelby County Commissioner. He will replace Dick Meeker who died last month. Kleinhans has been involved in the local agricultural community for all his life. He has been a sales manager for IMC, which stands for International Mining Co., an agribusiness firm. The Republican Central Committee selected him from a file of seven candidates.


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