Frye, Sell issue statment on fatal shooting


SIDNEY — In response to a recent event in Shelby County, involving a shooting at a private residence and in an effort to continue to remain transparent, Shelby County Prosecutor Tim Sell and Shelby County Sheriff Jim Frye issued a joint statement.

The statment says,”On Sunday, July 31, 2022, at approximately 11:05 a.m., the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center received a 911 call from an Allyson Duckro at 2907 N. Kuther Road, Sidney, Ohio, who said a male was attempting to enter their residence. Soon after the call was initiated, three distinctive gunshots were heard. Dispatch kept Duckro on the line as they dispatched units to the residence and two Sidney Police Department units arrived on the scene, followed by Shelby County Sheriff’s Office units.

“Upon arrival, units found a male, later identified as James Rayl, 22, of Sidney, Ohio, at the northeast corner of the garage. Units began to render first aid by placing defibrillator pads on the male. The Fort Loramie rescue squad arrived on scene and assessed the male and found that he was deceased. The scene was then secured with crime scene tape and the body was covered. Shelby County Sheriff’s Office detectives were called to the scene and began an investigation.

“The scene was processed, evidence was collected, and a canvass of the residences north and south of 2907 N. Kuther Road was conducted. Three witnesses gave statements and confirmed hearing multiple shots from the residence. The inside and outside of the residence was processed. Sidney Police Department Capt. Jerry Tangeman used an OSCR360 device, which supplied 360-degree spherical photos and presented a virtual walk through of the scene. The front door was a solid wooden door with a deadbolt. The deadbolt was found to be in the locked position and the casing to the lock side of the door was broken. Three holes were found in the decorative glass window in the door and three hollow point 9mm spent cartridges were found on the floor. The weapon was located on the mantel of the fireplace.

“The occupants of the residence were identified as Mitch Duckro, Stacy Duckro and Allyson Duckro, and initial interviews of the Duckros were conducted at the scene. Mitch Duckro indicated he fired the weapon and admitted to discharging it three times. Allyson Duckro said she was familiar with James Rayl, as they dated each other until they broke it off a year and a half earlier. She made law enforcement aware of a voicemail that Rayl had left for her late in the previous evening.

“Mr. Rayl was transported to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office for an autopsy. Sheriff Frye and Lt. Detective Brown went to the residence of James Rayl’s parents to make the death notification and relay what was known thus far about the incident.

“Video from a Ring doorbell camera from the Duckro residence was collected, which captured the visual and audio of the actions of the involved individuals. The video depicts James Rayl approaching the front door of the residence and ringing the doorbell. While at the front door, Rayl was advised to leave and was warned that the owner was armed with a gun. Eventually, Rayl opened the screen door, shook the front door handle repeatedly, and rammed his shoulder into the door, forcing it open. Simultaneously, with the door being breached, three shots can be heard in rapid succession. Rayle turns to retreat, walks several feet, and goes to the ground, where he passes away.

“A 911 call was placed while Rayle was at the door and is consistent with what was depicted on the Ring video.

“On Monday, Aug. 1, 2022, two Shelby County Sheriff’s Office detectives attended the autopsy of James Rayl at the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office. The detectives informed that Rayl was shot three times – once in the left shoulder, the right shoulder, and the back. Detectives were informed that glass shards were found in the back wound, which was a close proximity wound and found to be the shot that caused the death of Rayl. Later that day, detectives met with Prosecutor Sell and it was decided the case would be presented to the next Shelby County grand jury.

“On Aug. 2, 2022, Sheriff Frye and Lt. Detective Chris Brown met with Rayl’s stepfather, mother, and sister at the Sheriff’s Office, where they discussed the information obtained in the investigation to date, and provided copies of the 911 calls, Ring videos and video of the interviews with the Duckro family.

“Several tips, including tips provided by Mr. Rayl’s family, were investigated by the Sheriff’s Office during the week, and no new information was found.

“All photographs, witness statements, verbal autopsy results, 911 calls, Ring videos, interview videos, the weapon and ammunition, and the body and cruiser camera videos were compiled for presentation to the grand jury, which convened on Aug. 4, 2022. Prosecutor Sell presented evidence to the grand jury that included the Ring videos, 911 recordings, multiple photographs of the scene, the recorded interview of Mr. Duckro and the conclusions of the coroner.

“The prosecutor advised the grand jury of the law regarding the crimes of murder, voluntary manslaughter, and reckless homicide, as well as the ‘Stand Your Ground’ and ‘Castle Doctrine’ laws recently enacted by the Ohio State legislature. The grand jury deliberated and determined by an 8-to-1 vote that a felony indictment should not be issued in this incident.

“Evidence in this case is able to be viewed at the Sheriff’s Office or is accessible by submission of a public records request (FOIA).

“Sheriff Frye and Prosecutor Sell extend their sympathies to the family of James Rayl in the loss of their loved one, and to all affected by this incident.”

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