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125 years

August 6, 1897

The citizens of St. Marys will vote on the question of issuing $75,000 in bonds two weeks from today. The money raised in this manner will be used in securing another railroad for St. Marys.


Hon. George A. Marshall returned home last evening from Washington, D.C. He was accompanied by his son, Ben, who has been attending school at St. Luke’s Academy, near Philadelphia.


Officers for next year were elected at the Shelby County Teachers Institute session yesterday afternoon. I.A. Eshman was elected president; Miss E.A. Brown, secretary, and A.M. Shidaker was named a member of the executive committee.

100 years

August 6, 1922

The work of tearing down the old Nutt property on Ohio Avenue, located directly south of the Spot Restaurant, was begun this morning. Stanley Bryan and his associates, who recently purchased the property, have announced that they will erect a modern three-story building on the premises, the first floor for business rooms and the second and third floors for offices and apartments.


The big baseball event of the season, opening of the new baseball park took place yesterday afternoon, and the event proved to be the greatest of its kind held here in recent years. The fine grandstand was filled to capacity long before game time.

75 years

August 6, 1947

Elwood Young, Crescent Drive, will be the next commander of Sidney American Legion Post 217. Young was the only one nominated for the post at the meeting last evening, moving from the post of second vice commander. Kenneth Spinner was nominated for first vice commander, and Frank Kingseed and James Stuber for second vice commander.


The longest outage of current in Sidney for the past 15 years occurred late yesterday afternoon, when two Dayton Power and Light Company transformers, one in Sidney and one in Covington failed only a minute apart, it was stated today by H.A. Binkley, northern district manager for DP&L. The outage lasted for 43 minutes.

50 years

August 6, 1972

Sidney Ptl. Vernon Subler, who retired Aug. 1 from the city police force after 25 years’ service, was honored at a retirement party at the Imperial House-Shelby Saturday night. Subler was given a set of luggage from patrolmen and a plaque from the police department. Police said the retirement cake was shaped like a badge and listed Subler’s years of service – from July 1, 1947, to Aug 1, 1972.


Mrs. Dale Jamieson, president of the Wilson Hospital Auxiliary, recently presented ten lounge chairs for use in patients’ rooms at the hospital. Previous gifts of the auxiliary have included a $2500 payment for equipment for a coronary care bed and $7500 in 1960 toward the most recent addition to the hospital.

25 years

August 6, 1997

Superintendent Tony Frierott said the following new teachers have been hired at the Houston building: Chris Mortensen will be the junior high/high school special education teacher. E. Grace McDowell will teach health and physical education. Ryan Maier will be teaching high school mathematics. Rita Maddy has been hired as a learning disabilities tutor. At Hardin Elementary, the following teacher changes are in store: Hardin is adding an elementary art position and Karen Coverstone will fill the teaching position. Brent New will be fifth-grade teacher and Becky Heitman has been hired as administrative secretary.


ANNA – the new teachers are Jill Leughers, third grade; Jody Schaefer, fourth grade; Jenny Fledderjohann, fourth grade; Aimee Dye, fifth grade; Scott Adkins, Spanish and government; Amy Strobel, science and math; Jim Osborne, science; Lisa Boochef, computer technician; Ann Hoying, third grade aide, cafeteria and bus driver; and Treanna Dunn, bus driver.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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