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125 years

August 13, 1897

Eight conductors on the Cincinnati and Miami Valley Traction company, running between Dayton and Hamilton, were discharged yesterday for flirting with women along the line. Nearly all of the conductors were married men.


There have been more calls for copies of the premium list of the fair this year than for several years before. Many of these callers are ladies, which goes to show that ladies are preparing to take part in the fair. The board of directors will have the main hall well fitted up and put in the finest order for exhibition of fancy needlework and fine arts of all kinds.


The next clay bird shoot will be held in the open field south of the A.P. Wagner factory west of Sidney tomorrow afternoon.

100 years

August 13, 1922

Leading coal operators meeting in Cleveland today said the success of the joint conference in that city is the only hope of averting a fuel famine this winter of tremendous proportions.


A return match between Jesse Frazier, of Sidney, and Otto Hinkle, of Maplewood, will be staged Thursday at Maplewood. In the match Frazier hopes to even up the defeat he suffered at the hands of Hinkle several weeks ago.


Manual labor, not essential, was performed in Piqua Sunday despite efforts of Mayor A.W. DeWeese to make the town as blue as the sky by invoking an ancient section of the Ohio code. In performance of the manual labor, consisting of movie cameramen photographing the city on its first dead day, the mayor made no attempt to stop the labor and actually posed for photographers.

75 years

August 13, 1947

No general let-up in the Ohio heat wave and drought was sighted today by the weatherman who discouragingly suggested, “I might as well close up shop and go home until there is some good news to forecast.” Animal and plant life were “withering” from 13 days of intense heat and 18 rainless days in most Ohio places.


The Monarch Machine Tool Co. today announced the election of two new directors. L.L. Warriner, president of Master Electric, Dayton, and F. Eberstadt, of Eberstadt and Co., New York investment brokers, were named to the posts. Together with the recent election of Jesse Wright, of Sidney, this completes the number of directors and fills the two vacancies created by the deaths of Dudley A. Hawley and Frank P. Thedieck.

50 years

August 13, 1972

Sidney Police Chief Jack Wilson’s appointment to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s national academy was confirmed Friday by acting FBI Director L. Patrick Gray. City Manager Leo Nelson said that the city has fired a letter back to the FBI accepting the appointment. Nelson noted that an appointment of the FBI’s school is something extremely tough to secure.


Completing almost 15 years of service as a member of the board of directors of the First National Exchange Bank, Robert K. Kaser, Bon Air Drive, has submitted his resignation to the board of directors of the financial institution.


ANNA – Botkins came back from the losers’ side to take top honors in the Tri County Girls Softball Tournament on the Anna diamond over the weekend.

25 years

August 13, 1997

MINSTER— Wagner IGA in Minster is in the process of its third expansion since 1985 when 4,000 square feet were added. Then in 1990, Wagner’s IGA expanded by another 8,000 square feet. Each time there’s been an expansion, each of the departments have grown with it, and new ones have been added.


ANNA – Taking a cue from the city of Sidney, Anna Village Council Tuesday night discussed ways of discouraging adult businesses from locating in the community. Councilman Richard Eshleman said he didn’t think there was a market for such businesses in Anna. Dunn said that may be the case at this time, but if area cities continue to place restrictions on adult businesses, owners might start looking toward smaller towns to locate their enterprises. “If they keep getting run out of the Sidneys and Troys, they could wind up in the Annas and Botkins,” Dunn said.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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