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125 years

August 18, 1897

Complaint has been made about persons loafing on street corners and spitting tobacco juice on the sidewalks. The authorities have requested that this practice by stopped.


Quite a little excitement was stirred up at the gas and electric plant about 8 o’clock this morning, when J.C. Schillinger, division roadmaster of the Big Four railroad, accompanied by about 20 employees, appeared at the plant and tore down a stone wall that had been put up a few days ago by the gas company. Work was halted on the wall when it was determined it was on property belonging to the railroad. Yesterday work was resumed without permission of the railroad and this morning’s action followed.

100 years

August 18, 1922

The Miami Valley Electric Co., today listed the streets where it proposes the white way ornamental lighting system would be installed. These include: Main Avenue from South Street to North Street; Ohio Avenue from South Street to the Big Four railroad; Court Street from Maimi Avenue to West Avenue; North Street from Main Avenue to Poplar Street, from Miami Avenue to Walnut Avenue.


A meeting of the Shelby County Democratic Committee was held in the office of the probate judge in the courthouse last evening for the purpose of organizing. Clem A. Crusey was named chairman; Miss Minnie C. Hennessey, secretary; Robert F. Kaser, assistant secretary; and G.K. Monroe, treasurer. Selection of the executive committee was deferred until a later date.


Already some teams in surrounding cities are getting busy on preliminary work for football and fans in this city are beginning to get interested in the fall event in athletics. Without doubt Sidney has some of the best football material which can be found and it is very probable that a high-class team will be organized this season.

75 years

August 18, 1947

Sidney policy today were searching for a parking meter stolen from in front of the First National Bank late last night. Officers Vince Simmons and Vernon Subler checked a report that the meter was on the North Street proved false. Weekend receipts were in the meter.


An inventory and appraisement of $650,627 on the Liberty Folder Co. was filed in Shelby County common pleas court today. The appraisal was filed in connection with the receivership action brought against the firm. The court-appointed appraisers are: Harley Knoop, Karl Young, and Clark Ackerman.

50 years

August 18, 1972

Treasurer Walter Flath reported on receipts of $30,559 from the 1972 Shelby County Fair at the Shelby County Fair Board meeting in the assembly room of the courthouse Wednesday night. Receipts listed were: gate, $11,840; membership, $9,655; grandstand, $7,433; and parking, $1,631.


Jon Jay Allilson, a local “rock hound,” spoke to the Sidney Noon Kiwanis Club on his hobby of gathering of raw stones and minerals and turning them into jewelry. Allison, a teacher at Northwood Middle School, talked at the club’s Wednesday meeting held at Burk’s Banquet House.

25 years

August 18, 1997

The 25th annual Area Energy and Electric Golf Outing was held Thursday at Shelby Oaks Golf Course, and Oaks greenskeeper Bob Bajek and Paul Borders shared top honors with 70s. Randy Schafer was third overall with a 71, and A. Coto and Matt Clayton tied for fourth with 73s.


PHOTO: Port Jefferson firefighter Mike Dorsey burns loan papers on the Port Jefferson Fire Department’s 1992 fire truck in full view of bingo players at the Port Jefferson Community Club. In the past five years, bingo players have raised approximately $100,000 to help the Fire Department pay off the $189,000 truck and $30,000 in equipment.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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