Her dog didn’t deserve to die


To the Editor:

I had let family move in with me and my ex boyfriend along with their two dogs. The female dog was pregnant at the time. I had three cats and two dogs of my own her female dog had altercations with my dogs they had to stay separated at all times. Especially when nobody was home.

Their female delivered a puppy had two more altercations. I didn’t go to the doctor but I physically hurt myself intervening and one of the times they seen for themselves. One time I came home from work they didn’t lock the door with a hook lock I provided from them. Their female dog was chasing my cat luckily. I caught it put her back in their room, secured the door, took a video of what mess she did to my living room to my niece and said I’m buying another lock for your room I’m not sure what happened to the hook lock but I’m buying a sliding lock before she kills one of my animals.

On Friday, Oct 21, their female dog killed my 14 year old dog because my niece and her husband didn’t lock the door that I provided for them to keep my animals safe. I talked to the police department. A officer took police report and showed sympathy. Monday during business hours I call and talked to a deputy at the animal shelter I tell him what happened and ask if they would put her down she’s vicious. By the sound of his voice made me sound like I was stupid and said I’m going to have to call a vet. My dog should have been safe in her own home. She was free roam them and their dogs were guests. My dog was a lover not a fighter and she didn’t deserve to suffer like that.

Lillie Young


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