King supports all veterans


To the Editor:

Angie King, is running for State Representative. She honors and shows respect for United States veterans, making her my choice for State Representative. As a veteran myself, I can attest to Angie’s support and dedication to service members. I had the privilege of working for Angie in the public sector and saw her passion for the Veterans Document Program that she created just after taking office as the Mercer Country Recorder. Veterans can receive an identification card that can be used for identification and for discounts in places where Veteran discounts are offered. Angie participated in our St. Marys Memorial Parade this year. She was a guest speaker at Gethsemane Cemetery and spoke with passion, giving honor to our fallen veterans.

Angie King supports the 2nd Amendment and received the highest candidate rating from the NRA-PVA and Buckeye Firearms Association PAC. She has a proven track record of being Pro-Constitution. She will fight to keep our God given freedoms and liberties. This includes medical freedom. In 2021, Angie stood for freedom when she gave in-person proponent testimony before the Ohio House Health Committee in Columbus for HB 248 (medical freedom bill).

Finally, Angie will support our small businesses and agriculture community. She comes from a farm family and has been a small business owner for over 25 years. She understands the meaning of long hours and hard work.

I strongly support Angie King for State Representative and hope you will join me in casting your vote for conservative Angie King on Nov. 8!

Lauren Craft

St. Marys

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