Fifth-grade team finishes season 9-2


SIDNEY — The Sidney fifth-grade football team finished as runners-up in the Southwestern Buckeye Football League. The team lost in Sunday’s Super Bowl game to Tipp City. The Sidney team finished the season at 9-2.

Head coach Ryan Cagle said he was proud of the team’s accomplishments. This is the first year there has been a fifth-grade team in Sidney.

“We all know the season didn’t end like the way the boys wanted it to. They have nothing to be disappointed in themselves with. They should be proud of the way they played. I am proud of the way the boys dealt with all the adversity throughout the season. Want to thank all the coaches and parents for spending their time getting the boys to practice and games. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the boys and excited for the next season,” said Ryan Cagle.

Assisting him during the season as coaches were Drew Cable, Chris Van Tilburgh and Clayton Westerbeck.

“I feel fortunate have coached with coaches who believe in the total team concept and kids who put aside their individual wants and played for the team. I am very proud of our team and the potential they possess. This group reminds me of the team I was lucky enough to play on for Coach Kevin Fell in the playoffs,” said Westerbeck.

Drew Cable said he sees the future of Sidney football in the eyes of the players.

“When I look at our team, it represents a cultural shift. A shift away from mediocre football and a return to a time when Sidney football represents a hard hitting, hardworking team. Our boys represent a return to winning football that comes from their hard work and dedication!” said Drew Cable.

VanTilburgh said he is proud of the hard work the boys put in during the season.

“I’m proud of the boys for all their hard work and dedication put in this year. Thank you, VESPA, for getting the program started. Thank you to all the parents for their support,” said VanTilburgh.

Members of the team are Vinny Casiano, Trumar Cherry, Cameron Davis, Brice Davis-Landrum, Drelyn Dillon, Hagen Dodds, Elijah Foster, Cavin Francis, Troy Gockley, Leyton Goffena, Noah Hume, Sid King, Jerome (JT) Neu, Jack Noah, Shayne Payne, Payton Richardson, Gabriel Ritter, Jaylen Smith, Dawson Swob, Emmett VanTilburgh and Cale Westerbeck.

The fifth-grade football moms supported the team throughout the season by providing team meals, decorating the boys’ lockers at Sidney Middle School and cheering for them at practices and games.

Supporting the establishment of the fifth-grade team was the Vespa Quarterback Club.

“Our main goal is to get the organization running successfully. The foundation has been laid out. Now we need the parents, players and coaches to step up and keep the program continuing. Seeing how the boys performed this year that came out by how successful they were, first year in the league and making it all the way to the Super Bowl, shows their success. Proud of the boys and the coaches for all their hard work,” said Todd Cagle, Vespa Quarterback Club president.

Look for new information about the program for third through sixth-grade beginning of the year at The club will be looking for board members and coaches for all grades. Contact Todd Cagle with interest. Contact information is on the website,

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