Kettering Health to offer Cerianna injection clinical trial


KETTERING – Kettering Health is the first and only health system in southwest Ohio to participate in a post marketing clinical trial evaluating GE Healthcare’s diagnostic radiotracer, Cerianna (fluoroestradiol F18) injection, clinical utility to guide therapeutic management in metastatic breast cancer patients.

Cerianna, FDA approved since May 2020, is a radioactive diagnostic agent that binds to estrogen receptor positive (ER+) lesions in patients with recurrent or metastatic breast cancer. Cerianna is used with PET imaging as an adjunct to biopsy. Compared with standard-of-care imaging scans, Cerianna provides additional information on estrogen receptor expression in recurrent or metastatic breast cancer patients, which may result in more personalized treatment decisions by their physicians. Kettering Health Nuclear Medicine physicians completed training and began using Cerianna technology earlier this year.

“Previously, determining if lesions were ER+ required biopsies,” explains Martin Jacobs, MD, nuclear medicine physician. “If biopsy is clinically difficult or not preferred, Cerianna may be considered to evaluate ER+ metastases.”

Oncologist Heather Riggs, MD, MS, adds, “In our breast cancer program, we have an incredible ability to incorporate a lot of input from multiple disciplines, both at the initial diagnosis and down the road when we are considering treatment decisions.”

Kettering Health’s participation in the clinical trial will allow cancer specialists to better understand how to incorporate Cerianna to guide treatment decisions. That means more personalized treatment for the patient and better management of their breast cancer.

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