Lehman High School to host hostile incident exercise


SIDNEY — A unified hostile incident full scale training exercise will be held at Lehman High School on Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 8 a.m. – noon.

The exercise is in compliance with Lehman High Schools training curriculum and will involve an actor playing as an active shooter inside of the school. First responders participating in the exercise will be responding to the school from a staging area near the campus.

There will be live radio transmissions to the Sidney Police Dispatch Center via an alternate Sidney Police channel. Lehman’s campus will be closed to the public during the exercise. Agencies participating in the exercise are Sidney Police; Sidney Fire; Shelby County Sheriff’s Office; Ohio Highway Patrol; Anna Police; Botkins Police; Emergency Management Association; and Wilson Health. Lehman High School staff and student volunteers will also be participating as players/actors in the exercise.

The exercise will be conducted so that Lehman students, staff, and local first responders can be as efficient and effective as possible in responding to an active threat at the Lehman campus.

Sidney Police Department will be running the exercise. Sgt. Jeremy Lorenzo is the point of contact and can be emailed any questions at [email protected].

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