Out of the past

125 Years

January 14, 1898

O.L. Brailey, of Wauseon, is in the city in the interest of the Ohio Telephone Construction Co., of Wauseon, and for the purpose of putting in a new telephone exchange in this city, provided he can get enough subscribers. The idea is to put in an exchange with a reduction in the present prices for telephone service in this city. He would like to secure 250 subscribers.


Employees of the Bellefontaine Bridge Company are here to superintend the putting up of the hoist bridge over the canal on Court Street.


The Sidney High school gymnasium will be opened by a physical culture entertainment and basketball game in the armory the evening of Jan. 21. The contesting team will be the Sidney high school girls and the girls of the Dayton View gymnasium.

100 Years

January 14, 1923

The second annual meeting of the Shelby County National Farm Loan Association was held yesterday in the office of the Secretary H.H. Needles. Directors named include: Milton G. McNeil, James B. Wise, John B. Denise, Albert S. Randolph, and Bert C. Duer. Wise was named president of the organization with Duer vice president and Needles, secretary-treasurer.


The matter of a club house was discussed at length by members of the Literature Department of the Woman’s Club when they met yesterday in the home of Mrs. Thaleon Blake. Officers named during the election include, Mrs. Lillian Ziessler, president; Mrs. William Kingseed, Jr., vice president; Mrs. V.E. Chambers, secretary, and Miss Marie Cronley, treasurer.

75 Years

January 14, 1948

The coldest weather of the season to date embraced Ohio today with the mercury scheduled to skid to the zero mark and possibly below tonight. The state highway garage reported an overnight low of four above zero for the local area. The mercury had risen to 10 above at noon.


Floyd Higgins, president, and James Rhoades, secretary, of the Shelby County Fair Board are in Columbus attending the 23rd annual session of the Ohio Fair Manager’s association. Kenneth McDowell, former secretary, is also in attendance.

50 Years

January 14, 1973

Approximately $2,500 damage was done to Gene’s Northtown Marathon, 1515 N. Main Ave., and $800 damage to a car being repaired inside in a fire Friday at 2:37 p.m., Sidney Firefighters said today.

Firefighters attributed the cause to gas leaking from, the car’s fuel line as a gasoline filter was being changed. The fire resulted when gasoline contacted a hot surface, they said. The fire started in the automotive service area.


Construction of a new 112-bed Wilson Memorial Hospital building will begin in mid-June, it was announced today by the Shelby County Commissioners. According to the present schedule, the first patients will be admitted to the facility in early 1975, it was noted.

25 Years

January 14, 1998

William Hudson, Jr., of Fort Worth, Texas, met with Shirley Northcutt of El Paso, Texas in December. Mrs. Northcutt’s late husband, Jerry, was the donor for Hudson’s new liver. Hudson had the transplant in January 1997 and is recovering. He is a former resident of Sidney.


WASHINGTON (AP) – A study of the 2 million-mile per hour motion of 200 stars in the Milky Way has turned up the strongest evidence yet of a massive black hole at the center of the Earth’s home galaxy.

Astronomer Andreas Eckart said he and his team of German astronomers measured the movement of the stars over five years and found that those nearest the Milky Way’s center move the fastest – some at more than 600 miles a second.


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