Out of the past


125 Years

Feb. 16, 1898

At the regular meeting of the city council last night, an ordinance, amending the curfew ordinance and providing for the striking of the town clock instead of the fire bell, was given its third reading, placed on passage and then defeated. Council did approve, however, the submitting of the question of issuing $41,000 in bonds for sewerage to the voters of Sidney at the next election.


The Miami Valley Gas and Fuel company is extending its natural gas mains from the foot of South Miami avenue, across the Miami river to the Mary L. Poultry Plant. Mr. Loughlin expects to use natural gas in heating the plant.


Frazier Horr, Fred Johnston, Fred Conner and John Okenfels were at Piqua last night to see Joe Ott and the Star Gazer.

100 Years

Feb. 16, 1923

Friends and patrons of the Bush Clothing store learned today of the formation of a partnership between Mrs. Margaret L. Bush, Fred L. Griffis, and Lisle M. Hopkins to continue the business so successfully conducted by Mr. James J. Bush until his death last October. Both have been identified with the firm for a number of years – Mr. Griffis since Aug. 15, 1914, and Mr. Hopkins since Apr. 7, 1915.


A post office is to be reestablished at Lockington. The Sidney post office was advised of the plans to reopen the Lockington office on Friday and anyone desiring the office of postmaster there is asked to call the Sidney post office for the necessary blanks.


The yellow truck of the Ward Baking Company of Dayton, a well known sight in Sidney, with its sign “Hostess Cakes” on the side, will not be making deliveries to local groceries – at least not for a time. An overheated engine was blamed when the truck was destroyed by fire just south of Piqua yesterday morning. It was fully loaded at the time.

75 Years

Feb. 16, 1948

A proposal designed to give residents of Sidney and Shelby county a direct part in supplying food to the hungry people of Europe is being presented to organizations of the community. The plan – fostered by a farmers’ discussion group – was described at a meeting of a representative group in the Hotel Wagner last evening by Louis F. Warbington, Shelby county farmer and former Farm Bureau executive who toured the war-torn countries of Europe last summer.


Veterans Service officials from eight counties convened at the American Legion home here last night to receive instructions in procedures for filing for payment of the Ohio soldiers’ bonus. J. Nash Gatterdam, of Columbus, district coordinator of the World War II compensation fund, was in charge of the “school” session.


A new woodworking business has opened in Jackson center, known as the Jackson Center Woodworking Co., owned and operated by Ray Merle Leininger. The firm at the present time is making storm windows and doors, custom built cabinets and small articles for home construction.

50 Years

Feb. 16, 1973

FORT LORAMIE – At least eight countries were represented in dishes prepared by the Fort Loramie Future Homemakers of America Chapter last night.

The dishes were served to 125 teachers and workers at Fort Loramie High School in appreciation of their efforts on behalf of students throughout the year.

The 90 girls in the FHA Chapter worked in pairs to prepare the dishes for the dinner, according to Mrs. John Horstman, home economics teacher and FHA advisor at the school.


Rhinehard Siegel was named president of the Shelby County Coon Hunters Association at its annual meeting in the courthouse assembly room this week.

Frank Wooddell was selected as vice president, with Francis DeLoye, secretary and Paul Hecht, treasurer.

25 Years

Feb. 16, 1998

DAYTON – If the number of see-it-over-and-over-again moviegoers is any indication, “Titanic” may never sink at the box office.

The three-hour film has men, women and teens lining up at theaters, hankies in hand, waiting to board the “ship of dreams” and experience that sinking feeling one more time.


A grand opening for the Senior Center and dedication for the Monarch Community Center in which the center is located is tentatively set for May 16. On May 12 the annual meeting with election of trustees and officers will take place.

The Senior Center will host the Shelby County Senior Citizen Day on May 19 which is sponsored by the Coalition on Aging. Cost will be $5 for lunch and program.

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