Shoemaker honored on retirement from police department


SIDNEY — Sidney Police Captain William “Bill” Shoemaker was honored at a retirement party at the Sidney Police Department Thursday. Shoemaker used the occasion to introduce Sidney’s seventh police chief, Mark McDonough.

“For our retired officers and visitors, I would like to introduce our new police chief, Chief Mark McDonough,” Shoemaker said. “Through the transition, I was able to spend several days with him. From what I have learned, Chief McDonough appears to be people oriented, sincere and honest – all traits necessary for success. If you have not already had a chance to do so, introduce yourself and make him feel welcome.”

Shoemaker also used the occasion of his retirement to present retired police Sgt. Tim Kennedy his retirement plaque. In his presentation remarks, Shoemaker noted Kennedy had retired on Dec. 3, 2022.

“Our department lost some of our innocence the night Tim was shot,” Shoemaker stated. “Every officer knows and understands it could happen but we go on every day as if it won’t happen on our watch.”

“Oct. 6 was without a doubt one of the longest days at the Sidney Police Department,” Shoemaker continued. “It was almost as if time were standing still. Even as good news came in with respect to Sgt. Kennedy’s condition and the suspect was apprehended, there was a feeling that nothing would ever be the same.”

“Since then I have come to know Tim on a level that would not have been possible if not for the incident on Oct. 6,” Shoemaker stated. “I now know and understand what the department and the citizens of Sidney lost as a result of Sg. Kennedy’s retirement.”

As Shoemaker presented Kennedy with his plaque, Kennedy in turn thanked Shoemaker, the department and the community for their support of him and his family during his ordeal. The audience, comprised of officers from various departments, retired members of the Sidney Police Department, family members and city officials, applauded.

Shoemaker, who mentioned more than once during his remarks how much he disliked public speaking describing it as “just not my thing”, thanked various police officials who had helped him during his career.

“To the city of Sidney, thank you for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream,” Shoemaker stated. “I am proud and honored to have served the city of Sidney for the past 25 years.”

Shoemaker personally thanked retired police chief Steve Wearly, who recommended his hiring25 years ago, Captain Mike Lundy and Lieutenant Dan Kimpel, “both of whom played an important part in my career as I transitioned from an officer to supervisor”, and his field training officers David Godwin and Clarence Stephens.

Shoemaker also thanked Amy Jennings (records) and Angie Kitzmiller (office supervisor).

“Thank you will never be enough,” he said. “Over the years you two have acted as my personal assistant too many times to count, my trusted advisor, and a cheerleader when I needed it most. Please continue to take care of my guys and understand that sometimes we just don’t get it. Most of the time we forget to say thank you, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t appreciated.”

Shoemaker also gave credit to those who daily perform the duties of the one position he never held in the department stating he was never qualified to do their work.

“I need to thank every dispatcher who has ever worked with me throughout my career. You have my utmost respect and my gratitude. May God bless each and every one of you for your service.”

Shoemaker concluded his remarks by thanking his family, noting that his parents were absent and “spending their winters in Florida” and his daughters absent because they were away at college

. ”That leaves my beautiful, more educated, younger, and still working wife Sherry,” Shoemaker noted.

Shoemaker first joined the Sidney Police Department as a patrol officer on July 28, 1997. He has also held the positions of sergeant (2009), patrol captain (2013), and finished his career as interim chief of police (2022-2023).

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