Public Works has busy year in Sidney


SIDNEY — Public Works consists of several divisions with a wide range of responsibilities which affect the daily lives of all of our citizens. The divisions include Underground Utilities, Wastewater and Water Treatment plants, Streets, Traffic, Engineering, Public Transit, Sidney Airport, and Fleet Services.

Public Works Director Jon Crusey has submitted the following report:

This is a summary of the divisions and their major responsibilities, accomplishments of 2022 and 2023 projected at a glance:

Engineering: Engineering consists of three employees who provide technical and administrative support on numerous construction projects, both public and private. These include surveying, design, contract administration, inspection, grant writing and support services for the other departments within the city. In 2022, work was completed on several major projects:

• State Route 47 Safety Improvements between Fourth Avenue and Interstate 75

• State Route 47 and Sixth Avenue Traffic Signal Improvements

• 2022 Sidewalk Program

• 2022 Street Resurfacing and Curb Repair Program

• Marylyn and Ann Place Street Reconstruction and Utility Replacement Project

• Russell Road and Fourth Avenue Traffic Signal Improvements

• Campbell Road Water Main Replacement between Fourth Avenue and Hall Street

• Broadway Avenue Water Main Replacement between Russell Road and Parkwood Street

• Fourth Avenue Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Replacement between SR 47 and Michigan Street

• Burr Oak Subdivision, Phase 2

Projects planned for 2023 include:

• Echo Drive Extension to connect Folkerth Avenue with Vandemark Road

• Campbell Road Reconstruction between Vandemark Road and Kuther Road

• Broadway Avenue Water Main Replacement, Phase 2, between Parkwood Street and Hoewisher Road

• Vandemark Road Water Main Replacement between Campbell Road and SR 47

• Spruce Avenue Water and Sewer Main Replacement between Fair Road and Lincoln Street

• S. Wagner Avenue Water and Sewer Main Replacement north of Campbell Road

• 2023 Sidewalk Program

• 2023 Street Resurfacing and Curb and Gutter Program

• Brooklyn Ave Sanitary Sewer Diversion

• Custenborder Pickleball Courts

• Canal Feeder Trail, Phase 4

• Fairmont Drive Sanitary Sewer Improvements

• Linden Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Street Department: The street department consists of 8 employees. They are responsible for the maintenance of 137 centerline miles of roadways, 18 miles of alleys, 13 parking lots, weed spraying, mosquito abatement, street tree pruning of approximately 3,200 street trees, snow removal, street sweeping, 51 traffic signals, 5,000 signs, street striping maintenance, leaf pick-up, and maintenance and repair of 139 street lights in the Court Square, North Street Bridge and Michigan St., Walnut to Interstate 75. They also install and change out Christmas lights and banners throughout the year.

In 2022, approximately 16 miles of roads were paved and 2.25 miles of roadway was rejuvenated. 9,955 feet of curb and gutter were replaced, 5 miles of roadways were crack-sealed using 24,750 pounds of crack seal material and 411 miles of roadways were swept. 35 traffic signal bulbs, 20 pedestrian signals and 326 traffic signs were replaced. 21 miles of streets were restriped. 320 street trees were pruned and 2,669 cubic yards of leaves were collected. City crews also responded to 14 snow events in 2022. Crews fogged for mosquitos 7 times. They also repaired 787 tons of asphalt for street and utility repairs and resurfaced two alleys totaling an additional 105 tons of asphalt. In the nine-block area of downtown, crews erected 12,875 Christmas bulbs, 25 Christmas Wreaths, changed banners on 38 downtown poles 10 times plus the 19 poles on State route 47 from Walnut to Fourth. They also and installed and removed 66 veteran banners from approx. 35 poles for Shelby County Veterans Services.

Fleet Services- Fleet services consists of three employees. Fleet maintains approximately 258 pieces of rolling stock. 45 of those are for police and fire departments. In 2022, 13 units were replaced. In 2023, 14 units will be replaced.

Shelby Public Transit- Shelby Public Transit provided 28,024 completed trips in 2022, down 1,343 from 2021. This is a decrease of approximately 0.5% from 2021. Shelby Public Transit logged over 11,959 hours of service and 152,006 miles with 12 vehicles in 2022, up from over 11,399 hours and down from 162,475 miles in 2021. We continue to operate a connector route with Miami County that takes and picks up passengers from Piqua to transfer between the two County systems.

Utilities Department

2022 year in review and glance to 2023

The city of Sidney’s Utility Department is part of the Public Works umbrella. It has 38 employees and consists of the Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Underground Utilities. Underground Utilities consists of water distribution, wastewater collections, and Stormwater Maintenance and Monitoring. The following are highlights from 2022 and a glance at 2023:

Water Treatment Plant- In 2022, the Water Treatment Plant treated approximately 1.013 billion gallons of water, a 0.8% decrease over 2021. Some of the activities completed in 2022 included assessment of the Washington Township wells and beginning action for drilling new wells, received new filter actuator valves and installed on filter 1, new VFD installed on the pump controls at the raw water pump station, re-plumbed the chlorine room, removal of a

portion of the lime in the service lagoon, reclaim basin pump work and motor replacement, High Service No. 3 pump and motor rebuild, Canal St. well No. 3 cleaning, and replaced the north sedimentation basin gear box. 2023 projects include new wells in the Washington Township wellfield, carbon and permanganate feed updates, installation of filter actuators on the remaining five filters, and replacing the original filter surface wash pump.

Wastewater Treatment Plant- In 2022, the WWTP treated over 1.6 billion gallons of wastewater from the city’s sanitary sewer system. This is a 3.75% increase from 2021. The city also provided additional treatment for 555 dry tons of biosolids. The WWTP is operating under an Ohio EPA NPDES operating permit that mandated changes to some of the limits of the wastewater discharge and also further regulated the elimination of wet weather bypasses. The WWTP will continue to meet all regulatory permit conditions. 2023 projects include an automatic entry gate for enhanced security, and a planning study at the WWTP to ensure the plant is right sized for future community development needs.

Stormwater Monitoring- The Stormwater Monitoring program continues to maintain compliance with the City’s NPDES permit. Some of the 2022 activities to meet the required six minimum measures included the Clean Sweep of the Great Miami River, storm drain stenciling, distribution of educational materials to the public on water quality issues, enforcement of the City’s stormwater Ordinances and inspections of the city’s stormwater system.

Underground Utilities- Responsibilities of this section include the maintenance of the water distribution system and the sewer and stormwater collection systems. In total, the city owns and maintains over 343 miles of pipe related to water distribution, and sewer and stormwater collection. In 2022, Underground Utility staff performed 5,036 utility line locates for underground projects, cleaned approximately 102,064 feet of sanitary sewer and televised 74,032 feet of sanitary sewer to determine sources of clean water infiltration and identify problems with the sanitary sewer that were in need of repair. Staff performed grout repairs to over 21,590 feet of sewers. In addition, they performed required

maintenance on eight sanitary and storm pump stations throughout the city. Staff also cleaned 450 feet of storm sewer, repaired or replaced 73 catch basins, inspected and cleaned 2,453 catch basins, repaired or replaced 41 manholes, repaired 20 water main breaks, repaired or replaced 33 fire hydrants, performed 3,420 water service shut offs/turn ons, and manually read 3,764 meters throughout the year. Underground Utilities also continued the hydrant flushing program in the spring and fall of 2022. Underground Utilities inflow and infiltration (I&I) division is now in area 8 making improvements to the collection system to eliminate I&I. We are also in area 7 contacting property owners to inspect their systems on-site to determine any points of inflow or infiltration to eliminate. Typically, I&I from private property can contribute 75 to 80% of the overall I&I of a system. 2023 projects include: Water main replacements on portions of North Broadway Avenue, South Vandemark Road; water and sewer replacements on South Wagner Avenue and Spruce Avenue; meter change-outs; Sanitary main replacements on portions of Fifth Avenue and Helen Court Alley; a sanitary sewer future capacity study; and Storm sewer repair/replacements on Tilberry Run, Aurora Court, portion of Starret Run.

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