Riverside students are ‘wild’ about reading


DEGRFF — Fe. 27-March 3 was Right to Read Week at Riverside Elementary School. The theme for the week was “Wild About Reading.”

The week was organized by the Partnership for Literacy committee which is composed of teachers and parents who work together to improve literacy in the school, home and community. A reading challenge was extended to all the students to read 10 books or for 60 minutes during the week. Some of the weekly activities included having students bring in stuffed animals, wear animal socks, and shirts with animals on them.

Each day they were to listen for the animal sound over the announcements and then were to “Stop, Drop, and Read.” All teachers then read a selected book to their class. To culminate the week, the building finished up with “Where in the World is Riverside Elementary” and each grade explored their continent’s wild animals.

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