Commissioners handle bids in April


By Charlotte Caldwell

[email protected]

SIDNEY – The Shelby County Commissioners managed bids and advertising for multiple projects in April.

On April 11, the commissioners authorized advertising for the Lock Two Road Bridge Replacement Project. Bids will open on May 9 at 11 a.m.

No bids were received for the Maintenance Garage Project. Plans will be reviewed and a rebid will be authorized at a later date.

On April 13, the commissioners also approved the vacation of a north-south alley and an east-west alley in Newport in Cynthian Township.

Three bids were reviewed for the Eilerman Road Sanitary Force Main Replacement Project and advertising for a part-time seasonal mowing position was authorized on April 25. Applications for the mowing position are due on May 12 by 4 p.m.

The Eilerman Road Sanitary Force Main Replacement Project bid was awarded to Ruhenkamp Farm Drainage Inc. for $165,310.90 on April 27.

Payments toward weekly expenditures were approved totaling $1,147,778.13 (April 6), $2,038,377.71 (April 13), 544,389.28 (April 20), and $821,287.55 (April 27). Sales tax revenue of $159,716.47 was transferred from the general fund to the engineer’s fund and $159,716.46 was transferred to the capital improvement fund.

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