Bait & Bobbers offers fishing needs


SIDNEY – Bait & Bobbers is a new store in Sidney, providing for the needs of local fishers. It is owned by Lane and Serrena Shepherd and conveniently located near Tawawa Park.

Lane remembers buying bait at this same location as a boy and has many fond memories of going fishing with his family when he was a child. Shepherd said, “Fishing is a huge passion in my life, a way to connect with my kids and family.” He enjoys continuing the tradition by taking his sons fishing and hopes to share the love of fishing with others in the community.

Bait & Bobbers sells a variety of fishing tackle as well as some live bait- red worms, night crawlers and wax worms. Shepherd also makes and sells homemade lures and jig kits. A jig kit includes the items needed to make a jig, with the exception of something like a small feather or cricket that is found by the fisher. This jig kit is used instead of a worm when fishing.

Bait & Bobbers is located at 115 Brooklyn Ave. in Sidney and can be found on Facebook. They are open seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. They can also be reached at 937-897-0251.

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