KAG Food Products tank wash grand opening


By Kimberly Pistone
[email protected]

SIDNEY – KAG Food Products Tank Wash celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting, lunch, and tank wash demonstration on May 9. Attendees included Sidney Mayor Mardie Milligan, the Sidney tank wash team, executives from KAG, and representatives from Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

Ag Trucking has been part of the Sidney community for 32 years, specializing in food grade bulk liquid transportation and interior tank cleaning. Ag Trucking was built to serve the needs of Cargill, and with Cargill’s newest expansion, KAG/Ag Trucking needed to expand to keep up with the needs of their customers. KAG partnered with Ferguson Construction Company, Noll-Fisher and Sollman Electric to build a new state of the art tank wash facility.

The old tank wash is still in use, and with the two new wash bays the Sidney location is the only site with four wash bays in the United States.

This site does food grade washes, with 95% of their washes for Cargill. It takes over an hour to wash each tank – both the interior and exterior. The interior of each tank is sanitized with water at 190 degrees and detergent, then fully dried. A small spinner is used in the tank to clean every interior surface. Tanks are cleaned to be both sanitary and to meet Kosher requirements.

The exterior is also cleaned. As Josh Greenlees, operations manager for food products, said, “The outside wash is important for food grade trucks. No one wants to see a dirty truck carrying their food.”

Kevin Carey, Sidney Tank Wash manager, was very proud to show their waste water processing. EPA requirements are that water has to have less than 100 parts per million (ppm) of oil particulates, but the equipment in Sidney is able to get the oil residue to less than 10 ppm. This clean water, after going through the equipment that separates the oil particulates from the water, is released to the city and the oil sludge is sent to a landfill. They can process up to 20,000 gallons of water each day and, according to Carey, “we want to keep it as near perfect as possible.”

Milligan and Carey cut the ribbon, marking the official opening of the tank wash and a demonstration followed with a food grade tank being brought in to one of the new bays for its tank wash.

KAG/Ag is located at 798 S. Vandemark in Sidney, directly across from their main partner of Cargill.

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