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125 Years

June 1, 1898

Memorial Day was celebrated here in the usual patriotic manner. At 7:30 o’clock, details in carriages went to the Catholic, the old Presbyterian and the Starrett cemeteries and decorated graves. At 9:30 o’clock the parade, including Klute’s band, the fire department, school children and various patriotic groups, moved from the Monumental Building to Graceland cemetery for patriotic services. The afternoon services were held in the armory.


L.M. Studevant and wife, Dr. C.E. Tenney and wife, Mrs. W.R. Wyman, Mrs. G.A. Marshall, B.M. Donaldson and wife, and Misses Cora Guthrie and Leal Robertson composed a bicycle party that went to Ludlow Falls, Miami county, this morning on their wheels to spend the day.

100 Years

June 1, 1923

“Putting It Over,” was presented by the members of the senior class at Sidney High school as their class play last evening in the school auditorium. Members of the cast directed by Miss Ida Hall included: Otto Moyer, Frank Fetterman, Donald Gasaway, Thomas Shreves, John Smart, Emory Buirley, Mary McCracken, Ruby Fessler, and Dorothy Leymaster.


About 8 o’clock last night, M.B. McKee received a telegram from Forest Christian, who is with the Sidney band in Atlanta, advising that the radio concert by the band scheduled for 10:45 p.m. had been postponed until this evening because of unforeseen circumstances.


Dr. V.E. Bedford will move his dental offices next week to the second floor of the new Bryan building on North Ohio avenue. The rooms have been arranged especially for an up-to-date dental office.


The great “castor oil derby” at Indianapolis was for the second time won by Tommy Milton who finished three laps ahead of his nearest rival an average speed of 91.44 miles per hour.

75 Years

June 1, 1948

Directors of the Shelby county chapter of the American Red Cross were making final arrangements today for the organization’s annual meeting Tuesday evening at the city building. Rev. Harvey Hahn, Dayton pastor and well-known speaker, will talk on the subject, “Outgrown Toys.”


John J. Heier, of Columbus, president of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, presented a history of the organization and outlined aims for the year, when he spoke at the meeting of the Northwestern chapter held at the Schoolhouse restaurant in Lockington.


Dr. W.C. Guttermuth, of Versailles, will bring to a close 55 years of service as a medical doctor and surgeon tomorrow when he plans to close his office and retire from the busy and active life of the present-day doctor. He will be honored by his friends at a special dinner to be held Thursday evening in the Trinity Lutheran Church.


The Business Girls Association will begin its 38th year of the organization when it reopens meetings in September. At the meeting last knight, members elected Mrs. Glendon Barger, president; Miss Leah Yates, vice president; Mrs. C.H. Roman, secretary; Miss Lela Shidaker, treasurer; Mrs. John Whitney, auditor.

50 Years

June 1, 1973

NEWPORT – Mr. and Mrs. William Barhorst entertained the Saturday evening Sheephead Club at their home west of here after playing ten rounds of cards. Prizes were awarded to Richard Borchers, Mrs. Louis Marchal and Mrs. Fred Prenger.


SEOUL – an estimated 300,000 persons gathered in a public square late Wednesday to hear evangelist Billy Graham preach at the opening of a five-day series of services in South Korea.


The Personnel Board of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati today announced clergy appointments, transfers and retirements, including the retirement of the rev. Paul J. Rattermann, pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Newport.

In a telephone interview this morning, the Newport parish priest said has “been very happy in Shelby County” and that his retirement, for health reasons, would become effective June 20.

25 Years

June 1, 1998

PHOTO – Members of the Lehman Catholic High School baseball team pile on one another after the final out is recorded Saturday in the Division III Regional Championship game at Lemon-Monroe High School in Middletown. At the bottom of the pile is head coach Wayne Shoffner. Lehman routed Bethel 9-2 to claim the title and a berth on the state tournament.


People who plan to attend Gateway Arts Council festivities on June 11, beginning at 5:30 p.m., are encouraged to order their tickets as soon as possible. The official 10-year anniversary date is June 13, 1998. The celebration will feature visits to five banks around the Sidney court square to sample various food and to enjoy a variety of art events.


PHOTO – Teah Morrison, a member of the Class of 1998 at Houston High School, receives a hug from her aunt, Cindi Cox of Sidney, at graduation ceremonies on Sunday afternoon. Teah is the daughter of Joe and Teresa Morrison of Houston.

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