MAPLEWOOD – Chris Gibbs, board president of Rural Voices USA has released a statement on Nikki Haley attacking former President Trump on his plan to tax American households through an expansion of tariffs as high as 60% on consumer goods and other products.

“Nikki Haley is right to sound the alarm that Trump’s tariffs will raise costs for households by thousands of dollars every year. It’s an awful idea to tax Americans on the things they buy. Tariffs have done nothing to level the playing field with China and other countries and will fuel inflation.

“My hope is that Gov. Haley also brings up the devastating impact new tariffs have on farmers in South Carolina, here in Ohio, and everywhere across the country. New tariffs result in painful retaliation from our trading partners and that retaliation is always laser focused on farmers. According to the USDA, Trump’s tariffs in 2018 cost farmers $27 billion in lost farm exports because of retaliation alone. More was lost because of higher cost on inputs and equipment. Now Trump wants to double or triple down on those losses?

“Particularly as Nikki Haley looks to make inroads with rural voters, she needs to remind them that Trump’s tariffs put a target square on their back. Trump’s new tariff plan would be a wrecking ball to rural America.”

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