Your Pastor Speaks: ‘We are living in Bible times’

I had someone comment to me recently, “It would be so awesome to have lived in Bible times.” Being unclear of where this conversation was going, I asked why they would think that, to which the response was something along the lines of, “Well you know, Jesus was there and the disciples and the world was so much simpler.”

This could have become a much longer conversation but I opted for the short answer, “We are living in Bible times.” I’ve considered this little conversation quite a bit since because at the time I hadn’t really thought out my response. If we stop to think about the fact that even then most people didn’t see Jesus, and many who did, didn’t realize who He was.

The Romans were causing considerable oppression and the religious leaders were making life difficult with their own long list of rules and regulations. There was treason, corruption, manipulation, extortion, poverty (and wealth), fractured families, disappointments, sickness, hopelessness, and an ongoing list of real life issues just like we are facing today. I think of historical progression as the older (old) testament, the newer (new) testament, and the current testament. We are those who are living in this Bible time. God is still on the throne and we need him as much now as ever.

The advantage that we have dear believer is Jesus’ death that paid the penalty of our sin, Jesus’ resurrection in which we experience victory and the gifts of the Holy Spirit which Jesus sent to us that we would be empowered to continue His work through the church as individual believers.

These are Biblical times. Somewhere along the way, tragically, we narrowed Christianity down to salvation only, that is basically a ‘get out of hell’ pass, say this phrase and you will go to heaven when you die. The father’s will is for us to be transformed by Christ’s work in our innermost being. That transformation is ongoing (possibly through all eternity) and none of us that I’m aware of have arrived to full Christlikeness. It seems that the church has been lulled to sleep and a routine of religious exercise has convinced us that all is well.

Jesus turned the world upside down (because He was right side up) and changed history. He was hated by way more than those who loved him. He challenged the status quo and the spiritual decay that was permeating the culture. He stood unshakable, uncompromised, standing fully on eternal truth. He knew his purpose and he fulfilled His earthly assignment.

He’s sitting at the right hand of the Father now interceding for us to fulfill our destiny. He desires for us to walk in blessing but that blessing is exponentially greater than the material things that have captivated us. He’s given us the opportunity and the spiritual authority to transform our habitation. Is your life in order? Is your family in order? Are you changing day by day as the Lord works in you to bring the needed transformation? Are you becoming the living testimony of a true follower of Jesus?

In the Old and New Testament the stories are told of many various peoples. Some are virtuous heroes, some unfortunately are evil villains. The current testament is being recorded in heaven and one day those books will be opened. My prayer is that your testimony will reflect that of a redeemed life that brought love, joy and peace to those around you and honors Jesus for the sacrifice he made on your behalf.

The writer is the pastor of Christ the King Church near Jackson Center.