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125 Years

Feb 13, 1899

This morning was the coldest morning by three degrees that has ever been experienced in Sidney. The thermometers registered from 30 to 36 degrees below zero. The coldest morning of which any record has been kept was in Feb. 1844, when the temperature ran down to 33 degrees.


At the regular meeting of city council last evening, an ordinance granting the Sidney Telephone Co. the privilege and right of way to erect, maintain and operate a telephone system in the city was approved.

100 Years

Feb 13, 1924

A public meeting will be held in the assembly room of the court house Friday evening for the purpose of completing an organization to solicit funds in Shelby county for the starving children of Germany.


Chicken thieves visited the Frank Monger home, north of Botkins on the Dixie highway, earlier this week and made off with 75 to 100 Plymouth Rock chickens, according to word received at the sheriff’s office. The thieves apparently parked their car approximately 150 feet from the chicken house, their tracks plainly discernible in the snow.

75 Years

Feb 13, 1949

The Shelby County Board of Education turned thumbs down on the proposed state-wide school reorganization plan during a session last evening and authorized Supt. C.E. McCorkle to voice their unanimous disapproval to both State Senator C.I. Powell and Representative Roy Harmony, McCorkle said today the local school officials’ opposition to consolidation and simplification of school systems all over the state would be voiced in letters to the legislators this week.


Appointment of a committee to secure a doctor for the Jackson Center area was one of the actions taken by the members of the Jackson Center Businessmen’s Association during their meeting last evening at Hughes’ Restaurant.

50 Years

Feb 13, 1974

Mark Lawner, a professional consultant for the Shelby County Reginal Planning Commission, told local builders and county officials yesterday that unless subdividers were required to bay for road widening, “everybody will have to pay the bill for traffic generated by a few.” Among regulations builders and

commissioners objected to yesterday was a clause requiring subdividers to widen the roads on which their subdivisions are located according to certain specifications.


The Shelby Hardware store, 320 N. Main Ave., was the victim of grand theft Tuesday at 2:03 p.m. The amount of money taken from a safe in the store’s office was not disclosed.


Threats of major problems resulting from a 12-day independent truckers strike has all but vanished by today’s shipments via trucks were made at local industries. Drivers associated with General Highway Express, one of Sidney’s largest trucking firms, were all operating on a normal schedule today. Copeland Corp. communications specialist Susan Roberts reported today that everything was “back to normal” and the company was operating at “full production.”


Shelby County Board of Election last night increased the annual salary for Supt. Clifford Bunnell to $20,000.


Speakers for Thursday evening’s Black History Week program will be William Hudson, Sidney High School graduate, now attending Bluffton College, and James H. Daniel, president of the sponsoring group, the Tri-County chapter of the NAACP.

25 Years

Feb 13, 1999

The Shelby County Toastmasters met recently at Wilson Memorial Hospital. Members enjoyed speeches by Bob Anthony and Diane Meyer. Mark Kaufman and Cindy Meyers evaluated the speeches.


CLEVELAND – Forty-five years to the day that the jury selection began in the case that helped inspire TV’s “The Fugitive,” a trial to decide for all time if Dr. Sam Sheppard killed his wife is now scheduled to start.


Americans sounded a collective “whew” Friday at the end of President Clinton’s impeachment trial, a saga that many said cost too much, hurt too many and trivialized the government and the nation.

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