Sidney native honored for service to Los Angeles legal community


By Kimberly Pistone

For the Sidney Daily News

LOS ANGELES – Former Sidney resident Lloyd W. “Bill” Pellman was recently named a person of the year by the Metropolitan News-Enterprise for his service to the Los Angeles legal community. The honor is basically a lifetime achievement award.

Pellman graduated from Houston High School and completed his undergrad degree at The Ohio State University with a degree in education. One of Pellman’s college roommates was interested in California so Pellman decided to apply for a California teching job along with his roommate. Pellman recalls listening to other people’s reasons for wanting to teach in California and he felt their answers sounded phony, so when he interviewed he decided to be honest.

When asked why he wanted to teach in California, he said, “I have a friend who lives in Burbank and he likes it there. I have never been west of Wisconsin and if he likes it I think I will, too.”

Ultimately he was hired to teach freshman English in Los Angeles. He spent a few years teaching, then realized he needed more income, so he applied to various law schools. He didn’t even know any lawyers or judges at the time and had no idea of what was involved in being a lawyer.

Pellman was accepted to Loyola Law School and attended evening classes while working at JPL during the day. Once he passed the bar exam, he accepted his first job offer which was from Los Angeles County.

He said, “There was never a dull moment for the next 31 years.”

Pellman was the Los Angeles County Counsel. He headed a law office staff of about 500 people, represented the county in litigation, advised the Board of Supervisors, the Superior Court and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the county superintendent of school and special districts.

At the event, Pellman was given two minutes to make remarks. He went through his blessings regarding his family and career, then closed by saying, “I take the practice of law seriously, but I try to not take myself too seriously. I do believe with my background and experience I could compete with the best legal minds in California and maybe the nation….in a hot dog eating contest.”

Pellman occasionally returns to Sidney, but not often enough. His brother, author Terry Pellman, still lives in Sidney. They enjoy visiting The Spot Restaurant when he is in town.

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