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125 Years

March 5, 1899

The report of Health Officer Wyman for the month of February shows 15 births and seven deaths. All the deaths were females.

100 Years

March 5, 1924

At the congregational meeting held Sunday morning at the close of the church service, a call was extended by the St. Johns Lutheran Church to the Rev. David Swinehart of Brighton, Michigan.

75 Years

March 5, 1949

Sidney’s Men’s Progressive Club today counted a substantial sum of money to contribute to charity work, following the Wilberforce State College singers concert presented last evening in the Sidney High School auditorium. Harrison Brown, president of the club, and Ernest Harger, chairman on arrangements for the affair, reported approximately 500 persons heard the concert.


Opening of a new sporting goods store and lunch counter and reopening of a shoe sales and repair business on East Court Street this week were announced today by Jerome A. Shine, owner of both establishments.


Dreams upon which Sidney High School’s Yellow Jackets had built their tourney aspirations were whirled out of the sphere of possibility on the heels of a 45 to 42 defeat at the hands of Oakwood’s Lumberjacks in a first round Class A tourney game at Dayton last evening.

50 Years

March 5, 1974

If Shelby County’s divorce rate keeps the pace set in the first two months of 1974, it will exceed 1973’s by 50 percent and almost triple that of 1972. As of February 28, 57 divorce suits were filed in Shelby County Common Pleas Court since the beginning of the year.


Thomas Bey, a Shelby County Welfare Dept. caseworker, last week became the county’s first known casualty of platform shoes. Bey was running across the street in his famous elevators when he lost control and broke his ankle.


The arrival of warm weather will result in a return to regular school building use for outside activities, the Sidney City Board of Education determined last night. Restrictions have been placed on the use of facilities due to the energy crisis and part of the board’s policy of conserving energy was to refrain from adding activities or rental dates to the existing calendar.

25 Years

March 5, 1999

The parties have agreed to seek a court from Judge John Schmitt about whether or not the prosecutor may file criminal charges against former Botkins Village police chief Gene Drees. He attempted to commit suicide with a hand gun. The family believes he is not legally competent to stand trial.


The rumors are apparently true. Sidney’s Big Bear grocery will be closing, The parent company, Penn Traffic Company confirmed the decision. The store will close in about 3 weeks. It is located in the West Towne Plaza.

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