Barhorst is the right man for commissioner

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage all the citizens of Shelby County to vote in the upcoming primary election on March 19, 2024. It is our privilege and duty as citizens to vote.

This primary is very important because it will decide who the next two Shelby County Commissioners will be. There is no other party opposition in November so this election will be the deciding election for the commissioner’s race.

For the past 12 years we have had excellent commissioners serving Shelby County. I do not hesitate to say that Tony Bornhorst, Julie Ehemann and Bob Guillozet are the best commissioners we have had in my lifetime.

I am recommending Phil Barhorst to fill Tony’s commission seat. Phil has vast experience including Fort Loramie school board, local civic committees, coaching and operating the family business. Phil deals with the public and public agencies on a daily basis. He will listen, learn and contemplate what should be done. He is not afraid to seek more information on matters. He is not afraid to admit he does not have all of the answers. He is approachable and open to listen to others’ opinions. He is driven to succeed and is humble in his success.

Please exercise your right to vote on March 19 and let’s elect Phil Barhorst for commissioner of Shelby County.


Julie Shuffelton

Fort Loramie