Adams receives endorsement

To the Editor:

John Adams is a servant leader, to his country, to his family, to his community, and to his state.

He served as a Navy Seal for our country, but that was not the end of his service, only the beginning!

John has been married for 40 years to his beautiful wife, Tara. He is father to seven, grandfather to seven.

He served on the Board of Directors for the Shelby County United Way, at times as president and chairperson of the organization.

Yet, he needed to do more, so he served as president of the American Heart Association.

Still, he wanted to do more, so he served as vice president of the Rotary Club.

That was not enough service for John, so he became a part of the National Federation of Independent Business to advocate for America’s small and independent business owners. The state director saw leadership skills and a servant heart in John and asked him to run for state representative.

There, he was elected to House leadership as House Whip and Floor Leader. The Ohio Farm Bureau, the NRA, Ohio Right to Life, the MFIB and Ohio Chamber of Commerce saw that John had talent and a servant’s heart and endorsed him for state representative.

With the experience and the networking he has developed from being a legislator, he will serve our county well.

His desire, as your county commissioner, is to be a “good steward of your tax dollars.” We all need to know that someone is keeping an eye on where our tax dollars go! John has the experience and ability to work with the people and agencies that govern the services provided by the county to the citizens and to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Don’t be fooled by the term “servant.” He has the heart of a lion also, and will fight for the people of Shelby County, as he has so often fought before. We need fighters these days as well as experience.

We are encouraging you all to vote John Adams for county commissioner! He has what it takes! He has, and will continue serving our great County and Community. He will stand up for the people and will help make Shelby County great again and still!

Vote March 19! Vote Adams for commissioner!

Sanna J Hill-Aikin