Reasons to elect John Adams

To the Editor:

The job of being a Shelby County commissioner is one of the most important jobs in Shelby County. The experience and knowledge of the individuals who serve as county commissioners matter a great deal to all of us who reside in Shelby County. Issues of significant consequence which are presented to the county commissioners require broad experience and deep knowledge as well as an understanding of political processes, funding mechanisms, and state and local agencies.

Having served four terms as an Ohio State representative from Shelby county and in leadership positions in the Ohio Legislature, John Adams is the only candidate with the unique qualities and experience necessary to protect the interests of all of us in Shelby County. In addition, John‘s background as a husband and father of seven children, as a small business owner and as a veteran and former Navy SEAL (you heard that right) John has acquired the discipline and wide ranging knowledge and experience to successfully respond to and protect the needs of the community.

The talents which John Adams would be able to bring to the commissioner’s office will enable him to get things done from the moment that he is first sworn in. That experience, knowledge and discipline is a big deal for Shelby County. Let’s take advantage of it for the sake of the entire community by voting for John Adams for Shelby County commissioner.

Mike Staudt