Giggles, laughter fill spring air


Spring has arrived and I am so glad! The grass is becoming a beautiful deep green, the magnolia tree outside of my house bloomed early and I love walking outside in the morning to the sound of birds singing.

This past weekend we went with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson to the park. It was a little breezy but my grandson didn’t seem to notice. He ran to each slide, his Daddy close behind to help him up the steps. He is only two years old but even the largest and tallest slide did not give him reason to pause. Up the ladders he would go, sometimes saying “step, step, step” with a big smile on his face! When he reached the top he quickly sat down and with that bright and beautiful smile, down he would go into the waiting arms of his Mommy or Papaw!

Giggles and laughter filled the air as my grandson enjoyed himself at the park. Each new piece of equipment he would come across he was ask “what’s that?” Then he would run to it with confidence and had fun during the conquest. Nothing seemed to impede his mission to have fun and enjoy the day.

I was lost in the moment and enjoying his giggles and smiles when a thought struck me like a ton of bricks. “Why as adults, do we not have this same confidence at trying new things?”

When a child is young and learning things they almost seem to attack the opportunity, they don’t have the built-in worries and “worst case scenarios” that plaque adults. Sometimes these are caused by past experiences that did not end well or the outcome was not what we had anticipated. This can cause us to be wary of trying again or trying another new opportunity. Stepping out of our comfort zone can be a bigger challenge than we feel that we can master.

I remember as a child and young adult if I fell off the horse I would dust myself off and get back up and try again. I can’t really remember exactly when I became less adventurous, perhaps it was after becoming a mother. Knowing that I had someone that was counting on me to take care of them began to weigh heavy in my decision making.

Now, as a “Mamaw,” I am seeing things differently and through the eyes of my grandson. I envy his gusto for life, his “let’s do it” attitude and his zeal for trying new things. Nothing is impossible for him, or so he believes. It has brought me full circle and made me realize that I need to stop being wary of trying new things. Perhaps that old saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” isn’t as true as many of us believe.

My grandson has unwittingly challenged me to start trying new things again. Slowly and on a smaller scale. Spring is here so I think it is a perfect time to get out there and give it a go.

If you are 50 or better and feeling that challenge too, come down to the Senior Center of Sidney-Shelby County and see all the activities, fitness room, exercise classes and beginners pickleball! Try something new!

Until I see you at the center,

Have a blessed day

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.

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