City record: Friday to Monday



-2:05 p.m.: crash. Jonathan K. Chipps, 18, of Sidney, was traveling west on East North Street in the right lane. Brian M. Applegate, 32, of Sidney, was traveling north on North Main Street in the far-left lane. Chipps was struck by Applegate as he turned right onto North Main Street into the far-left lane.


-2:00 p.m.: crash. Barbara Miller, of Sidney, was parked in a handicap spot in front of the garden center of the Walmart on 2400 Michigan Street when an unknown vehicle struck her car and left the scene. CCTV footage did not cover the area where Miller was parked, and officers were not able to find any information about the other vehicle involved.

2:37 p.m.: crash. Robert Romanowski, 85, of Sidney, and Jonathon D. Morris, 53, of Sidney, were both stopped at the stop sign north bound on Vandemark Road at the intersection with Russell Road. Romanowski struck the rear of Morris’ vehicle as he pulled away from the stop sign.

-5:45 p.m.: crash. Thomas J. Slusser, 56, of Wapakoneta, and Kevin L. Teets, 45, of Sidney, were stopped at the stop light on North Main Street. Once the light turned green, Slusser accelerated and didn’t see that Teets was waiting for a pedestrian to cross and Slusser rear-ended Teets.


-7:46 p.m.: warrant. Cassandra N. Webb, 34, of Sidney, was arrested for criminal trespassing.

-9:54 p.m.: warrant. Lucas E. Schutte, 43, of Sidney, was arrested on a warrant.


-9:38 p.m.: crime in progress. Gerardo A. Valles, 40, of Sidney, was arrested for failing to comply with an order from a police officer and on a warrant.

-10:39 p.m.: crime in progress. Scott A. Verdier, 56, of Sidney, was arrested for discharging firearms.

11:49 p.m.: crash. Graven W. Borman, 25, of Sidney, was traveling east bound on Campbell Road and as he was preparing to turn east on Fourth Avenue, he saw a deer in the road. Borman swerved to avoid the deer, lost control of the vehicle and hit a curb, damaging both passenger side tires.


-7:26 p.m.: complaint. Devin S. Napier, 31, of Sidney, was arrested for assault.

-9:15 p.m.: crime in progress. Jeffrey L. Epley, 49, of Troy, was arrested for criminal trespass.

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