Sidney BOE hires principals, assistant principal

By Melanie Speicher - [email protected]

SIDNEY — Preparation for the 2022-23 school year is underway as the Sidney City Schools Board of Education hired principals and assistant principals during Monday’s meeting.

Christopher Lucius was hired as Sidney Middle School assistant principal effective Aug. 1, 2022. He received a two-year contract and will be paid $81,000 per year. He also received an extended day contract for up to five days between July 1-31, 2022. He will be pad $377 per day.

Gregg Johnson was given a two-year contract as the Sidney Middle School principal. He will be paid $101,000 annually. His starting date is Aug. 1, 2022. He will also be paid for up to five days of an extended day contract from July 1-31, 2022, at a rate of $449 per day.

Hired as the new Longfellow principal was Michelle Link. Her two-year contract, which begins Aug. 1, 2022, is for $88,000 per year. She will be paid for up to five days of an extended day contract from July 1-31, 2022, at a rate of $409 per day.

Jesie Geuy, who had previously been hired as an assistant principal at the middle school, will be paid for up to five days of an extended day contract at $363 per day from July 1-31, 2022.

An amended contract was given to Michael Moore, who will now serve as the JAVA principal. The reassignment if from principal at Longfellow to JAVA. He will be paid his current salary. The transfer is effective Aug. 1.

Certified staff receiving one-year contracts were Hattie Rioch, SMS teacher, $43,435; Zachary Bell, SMS teacher, $41,450; Rose Kuba, SMS counselor, $55,102; Lindsay Shepherd, intervention specialist, $59,686; Anna Ruckman, elementary teacher, $45,102; Sarah Gaukin, elementary teacher, $43,435; Kelly Gagnet, auxiliary services, $43.92 per hour; Jilian Holthaus, intervention specialist teacher, $66,769; and Missy Roush, SMS teacher, salary to be determined. Gaukin’s hire date is Aug. 1, while all the others begin work on Aug. 25.

Laura Allen was hired as a custodian effective June 1. She will be paid $16.71 per hour.

Extended day contracts to current employees were given to Katie Marter, Sidney High School guidance, up to five daysm $316.68 per day; Tonya McLain, SHS guidance, up to five days, $454.37 per day; Oshae Peart, SHS guidance, up to five days, $261,60 per day; Cody Myers, vo-ag, up to 20 days, $249.63 per day; Misty Shroyer, cafe manager, up to 10 days, $160.40 per day; and Jill Hanke, curriculym instruction support, up to 15 days, $424.44 per day.

The board approved stipends to full-time employees for additional duties above their job descriptions. Receiving stipends were Paige Barker, family and community coordinator, $18,807, Aug. 1, 2022-July 31, 2023; Josh Roeth, Kat Childers and Michael Ward, T-School/detention, $33 each, Sept. 1, 2021-May 27, 2022; Carmen Heintz, $1,000, Natalie Stewart, $500, Sara Olding, $2,500, Amy Baldauf, $500, and Allexis Taylor, $500, mentors, Sept. 1, 2021-May 27, 2022; Mandy Gutman, Laura Jones, Erica Turner, Raquel Martin and Lindsey Geuy, special education leads, $600 each, Sept, 1, 2021-May 27, 2022; Krystal Cox, Ashley Jones, Brandi Clune and Kristen Nelson, Bridges, $150 each, Sept. 1, 2021-May 27, 2022; Wendy Humble, Dawn Ocke, Ashley Jones, Brandi Clune, Phonics First, $450 each, Sept. 1, 2021-May 27, 2022; Building Leadership Teams, $300 per person, Sept. 1, 2021-May 27, 2022; and K-2 leadership, Amy Baldauf, Emerson, Laura Schwein, Longfellow, and Matt Norviel, Northwood, $1,000 each, Sept. 1, 2021-May 27, 2022.

The building leadership teams are SHS, John Young, Alison Hermiller, Mandy Gutman, Josh Billing, Jeff Webb, Carrie Sigler, Christian Taylor, Katie Marter and Anthony Moeder; SMS, Carey Bonias, Kenneth Kellner, Amanda Martin, Carmean Heintz, Ann Huffman, Kevin Turner, Traacy Schully, Troy Freytag, Thomas Goffena and Sam Young; Longellow, Laura Schwein, Lisa Carey, Brooke Stannard, Nikki Inman, Raquel Martin and Stacey Windle; Emerson, Kristen Nelson, Amy Baldauf, Michelle Rudasill and Erica Turner; and Whittier, Lindsey Geuy, Melissa Rice, Kristen Morris and Carrie Lament.

The retirements of three teachers were accepted. Patricia McKay and Angie Watt will retire on June 1, 2025, while Annette Johnson retired March 1, 2022.

Resignations accepted included Brittany Johnson, school psychologist; Amanda Mitchell, teacher; Joshua Roeth, SMS principal; Shirley Shepherd, custodian; Carly Linous, teacher; Alex Blosser, teacher; Katina Childers, assistant principal; Michelle Angel, intervention specialist teacher; Joanne Mathews, intervention specialist teacher; Anthony Moeder, school psychologist; Catlin Dowling, teacher; Jame Piening, teacher; Sherry Guinther, substitute teacher coordinator; and Jill Clinton, substitute teacher. The resignations of Moeder, Dowling and Piening are contingent upon board hire by another district.

The contract of Kristy St. Myers, latchkey aide, was terminated.

The board’s next meeting will be held July 18, 2022, at 6 p.m. at the board office.

By Melanie Speicher

[email protected]

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.