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125 Years

Sept. 30, 1896

A large, beautiful and genuine Meerschaum pipe, all hand-carved with a pure amber mouthpiece, and valued at $50, is being displayed in the show window of Shine’s cigar and tobacco store. It was manufactured by Roth and Sons, the great manufactures of Nurenburg, Germany.


At the insistence of a large number of citizens of the community, the mayor of Bellefontaine has ordered all cigar stores and meat shops closed on Sunday hereafter.

100 Years

Sept. 30, 1921

The corner stone laying of the new Catholic school at Botkins took place on Sunday, with Rev. Anthony J. Mentink, of Troy, dean of the Sidney district, making the address. Members of the building committee are: Rev. Henry T. Lammers, chairman; Fred Fisher, George Hemmert, Frank Owen, William C. Zaenglein, and George Becher.


While one of the employes of the Central garage was cleaning the engine of an auto belonging to Dr. C.R. Eshelman with gasoline at noon today, a short circuit ignited the gasoline fumes and an explosion followed. The car was heavily damaged, but there were no injuries.


A strike of some 40 high school boys at Augusta, Mich., called when one of their numbers was given corporal punishment by the school principal, was quickly broken by the parents.. “Go back to school or you will get at home what the other boy received at school,” was the edict handed down in 40 homes.

75 Years

Sept. 30, 1946

Mrs. Ida Haslup Goode, of this city, has won a place at the top of the list of women of the country who have been outstanding in their contribution to the educational field, and she is being given recognition by her home city. This recognition will take the form of an Ida Haslup Goode Student Association, and its members will be those who had the privilege of having Mrs. Goode as a teacher during her eight years on the Sidney public school faculty. Invitations have been issued for the organization dinner to be held Oct. 4.

50 Years

Sept. 30, 1971

William Haag, assistant principal at Sidney High School, was installed as president of the evening-meeting Kiwanis Club of Sunset Sidney, during an installation conducted Wednesday by Leroy Bishop, governor-elect of the Ohio District of Kiwanis.

Other members installed include George Fernandez, first vice president; Roland Swoverland, second vice president; John Hoying, re-elected secretary, and James Cain, re-elected treasurer.


A Sidney pastor has been awarded a masters degree in divinity from Yale University college of divinity in a process of upgrading past work done there during the years 1939 to 1942.

He is Rev. Paul Moore, of 126 East Ruth street, pastor of First Christian Church, North Main avenue.

25 Years

Sept. 30, 1996

For the third year in a row, Dorothy Love Retirement Community received a deficiency-free survey of its facilities after its annual inspection by the Ohio Department of Health, reported the retirement community’s Executive Director Daniel O’Connor.

“That is a pretty remarkable feat actually. Any facility that can have a deficiency-free survey and especially receive three deficiency-free surveys in a row – you can tell they are doing a very, very good job on keeping up with the improvements in the health care field and what is going on in their facility,” said Randy Hertzer, public information official with the Ohio Department of Health.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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