National Hunger Awareness Week


SIDNEY — This is National Hunger Awareness Week, but for Agape Distribution, defeating hunger is their mission every week.

“Shelby County is very generous,” said Agape’s Chief Executive Officer John Geissler. “It has allowed us to serve folks throughout our community free food – with dignity, and a smile! We never turn down anyone in need, no matter what the situation. In fact, 38% of our folks are employed – but they are struggling to put food on the table for their families.”

Geissler provided these facts: Per month, Agape serves over 6,000 people, who receive 42 meals per month. This breaks down to 2,842 families, 1,173 seniors and 2,938 children.

“The food we provide is nutritious food,” emphasizes Geissler. “When we put together a shopping cart of family meals, we make sure that the meals will be low in sugar and high in protein. We want our folks to know that we are treating them with the utmost respect.”

Agape Distribution, 209 S. Brooklyn Ave., in Sidney, will be participating in the Community Foundation’s Match Day. To find out more, enroll to volunteer, register to receive food, or donate to Agape Distribution, visit their website,, or call 937-498-4368.
Agape serves 18% of Shelby County residents

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