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125 years

November 9, 1896

Although there are still some doubtful states to be heard from, it appears not that William McKinley has defeated William Jennings Bryan for the presidency. Latest tabulations show McKinley with 248 electoral votes to 170 for Bryan. The four doubtful states have a total electoral vote of 29.


An industrial school will be opened in the assembly room of the court house tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock. All teachers are requested to be present.


Last week John B. Edgar bet Henry Young a chicken and oyster supper that Shelby County would not give Bryan 1,300 plurality. Last night he paid the bet and served soup and oysters to Henry and a number of his friends.

100 years

November 9, 1921

At last Sidney is to have an opportunity to witness the musical comedy triumph of this and last season, namely “Take It From Me”, which comes to the Majestic Theatre here next Tuesday. This is the show that made the Studebaker Theatre in Chicago the most popular playhouse of that center, playing to capacity houses for 19 weeks.


The team of horses belonging to J.H. Mills and used to haul garbage from about the city, frightened and ran away this morning. The runaway was on North Ohio Avenue near the Post Office. The wagon struck a number of automobiles parked along the curb and did considerable damage, but no one was injured.

75 years

November 9, 1946

Sidney voters approved a school levy of one mill for four years by more than 1,000 votes in yesterday’s election, but turned thumbs down to all other special issues by a large margin. The recreation bond issue was defeated by 1,500 votes, while the two-mill levy for five years for city operations was turned down by more than 800 votes. The proposal to select a charter commission was rejected by more than 1,300 votes.


H.H. Waller, managing director of the Sidney Civic Association since its formation in May 1945, submitted his resignation to the board of directors at its regular meeting last evening. In his letter of resignation, Waller indicated he was leaving the post to accept a position of assistant to the president at Wagner Manufacturing Co. In expressing the board’s regret at Waller’s decision, W.E. Whipp, president, named Norbert Pointner, Jerome Wagner, and William Amos a committee to find a replacement.

50 years

November 9, 1971

It’s official. The Shelby County Board of Elections Friday evening certified the results of Tuesday’s election that attracted 13,282 voters.

Board members Wilmer Francis, Robert Oldham, Paul Billing and Robert Glick, certified the count last night after the figures were double-checked by director Jeanice Bernard and deputy director Shyla Goffena.


BOTKINS – Botkins firemen were able to keep the loss to a minimum when a corn dryer at the Botkins Grain and Feed Co. caught fire about 9:30 p.m Friday.

Fire Chief Ron Steinke said employees who were on the job called the department. Only damage was to a small batch of corn on the top of the dryer, Steinke said.

25 years

November 9, 1996

The November elections turned out to have really no surprises. County commissioner Dick Meeker, County Recorder Janet Becker and Clerk of Court Judy Snodgrass were all returned to the office, Mr. Meeker noted the power of the incumbency. “I know what it is like,” he stated. “I ran and lost twice before winning in 1992.” In other election news, the county park district levy was defeated for the third time.


John Gates has a piece of history, and an old one at that. When he was working construction in Colorado, Gates found a large round object which appeared to be a stone, it was 1970. Recently, Gates began to inspect it, and he concluded it appears to be a dinosaur egg. The use of a magnifying glass reveals two specs which look like small teeth.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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