SIDNEY — Sidney Chiropractic is shedding new light on the path to weigh loss in time for the resolutions of the New Year.

In addition to recently launching ozone therapy, the local chiropractic clinic now owns a Trifecta Light Bed — a non-invasive, pain-free body-shaping device scientifically proven to melt away stubborn body fat without liposuction.

This therapeutic venture is one in a handful happening nationwide, making Sidney Chiropractic the exclusive practitioner in the state to offer the treatment to patients.

“We are always looking for new therapies to improve the health of our patients and are happy to be the very first clinic in Ohio to have the Trifecta bed,” Dr. Harold Schubert said.

Harold Schubert and his staff see themselves as “specialists in helping patients get their lives back,” and this new service is a proactive method that the clinic utilizes to positively impact each person’s overall health.

“All people respond differently, but most people will feel a feeling of wellness after their very first visit,” Harold Schubert said.

Similar to a tanning bed, this modernized fountain of youth brings patients back to the summer sensations of the beach or poolside where bright rays of sunlight soaked into their skin and a gentle breeze of fresh air brushed their feet like a blanket.

The Trifecta Light Bed uses red and infrared lighting to safely slim, shape, and tone the body and face. With over 3,200 LED bulbs, it unleashes fire and fury on the lipids and fat stored inside of the body’s fat cells, adipocytes, by poking holes in their membranes. This then extracts the fats and toxins out of their environment and sends them packing for an exit by excretion or perspiration.

Red light therapy also shrinks fat pockets that produce cellulite on the skin’s surface and replenishes it with healthy collagen production all through the cellular walls, tightening the skin in the process.

Owner Leone Schubert has done weekly treatments since the bed arrived at the clinic in October and has noticed improvements in her facial skin and a boost in her quality of rest in the evenings.

“My skin felt smooth, and I slept a lot heavier the night after,” Leone Schubert said following her first treatment.

In addition to eliminating fat and wrinkles, this human body oasis can also diminish pain, relieve muscles and joints, treat injuries, and increase blood circulation.

“As a chiropractor I am excited about the weight loss aspect of the Trifecta bed, but also an important factor is the healing that occurs with chronic conditions,” Harold Schubert said.

A patient’s initial consultation occurs on Tuesdays or Thursdays; when the clinic will review his or her health history, define desired goals, discuss finances, collect body assessment metrics, and schedule 12-minute sessions for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

One session will be given at no charge, while packages of six, 12, and 24 treatments will guarantee customers additional savings.

During each session, patients wear goggles to protect their eyes from the intense light. The bed, which accommodates people up to 6 feet 5 inches and 400 pounds, is cleaned after every session.

Following each round of red light therapy, the clinic encourages its patients to exercise for 10 minutes in the clinic, drink water and limit their alcohol consumption.

Interested residents can call 937-492-4681 to book an appointment or visit Sidney Chiropractic at 1640 Gleason St.in Sidney.

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