Monnier Engineering Scholarship established


SIDNEY — Shelby County high school seniors dreaming of an engineering career may seek a scholarship from the recently established Ken and Mary Beth Monnier Engineering Scholarship Fund, administered by the Community Foundation of Shelby County.

“The satisfaction we found with careers in engineering and knowing that this field will continue to provide solutions for the future made this scholarship fund an easy choice,” said Mary Beth Monnier.

“As a kid helping out on family farms and working on old engines with my family, there was always something mechanical or electrical to repair, trouble-shoot and figure out how to get it fixed and running. My parents and other family members were smart, hardworking role models that gave me a chance to figure out how to diagnose and fix all kinds of things,” said Ken Monnier. “I developed a love of solving technical problems and learning what made machines work, so a degree in engineering was a natural fit for me.

“Despite the technological progress we have witnessed in our lifetimes, there has never been a more exciting time to become an engineer and help shape the future of nearly everything on the planet and beyond. Bright young minds have a number of very good academic and career choices, so if we can help some of them take a closer look at their potential path into the rewarding world of engineering, we will have achieved our goal.”

Mary Beth’s dad was an engineering leader for International Harvester, so as the oldest of three siblings, she was the first choice to help her dad with a variety of technical problem-solving around the home.

“As a female high school student in the 70’s, I attended a program that encouraged women to pursue careers based in math and science. It helped me choose engineering in college,” said Mary Beth.

To apply for the $2,000 award, seniors should complete the Community Foundation of Shelby County’s online General Scholarship Application for High School Seniors in the Scholarship section of their website at The deadline is Feb. 16, 2023.

The Community Foundation houses 90 scholarship funds providing local college and trade school bound students with more than $330,000 in one-time and renewable awards. Since 1952, the Foundation has been helping people create meaningful, lasting impact through charitable giving that targets their favorite causes and organizations. To learn more, contact the Community Foundation at 937-497-7800.

Ken and Mary Beth Monnier and Mary Beth Monnier

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