Messy Bun Cleaning Service expands to meet community needs


by Kimberly Pistone

[email protected]

SIDNEY – Messy Bun Cleaning Service is a woman owned business that connects cleaning staff to clients who want their house professionally cleaned. Leah Sanders and Mary Shoffner are friends who started their cleaning business on the side, helping clients after work and on weekends. They were surprised by the community need for cleaning services, and have received calls as far away as Dayton and Lima.

They realized the need in the community was greater than they could provide without additional help. They are in the process of hiring at least two more cleaners to better meet client needs by offering expanded availability.

Shoffner describes their business as “an uber for cleaning services” where they match clients and cleaners. The cost of their services depends on many factors, including how extensive the job is and how often the client wants cleaning services to be provided.

Shoffner said, “We take care of the members of our community by providing trustworthy, reliable cleaners to go into their homes.” Cleaners are vetted with a background check and Messy Bun Cleaning Service is insured.

Sanders said, “We like connecting with people and also allowing them to free up their time which allows them to do things they would rather do than cleaning.”

Messy Bun Cleaning Service is ready to help with spring cleaning and can be reached at 937-915-6318 or at [email protected]. They can also be found on Facebook.

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