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125 Years

May 3, 1898

As the northbound passenger train on the C.H. & D. railroad was passing the rolling mill last evening, someone shot through on of the windows of a car. No one was hurt.


The most important naval battle in modern times has been fought. It occurred in the bay at Manila, between the American and Spanish fleets and resulted in the

complete destruction of the latter. The forts were also silenced. In Washington there was great victory won by Commodore Dewey. Although no official word has been received regarding the engagement, reports from Spanish sources indicate the victory is complete.

100 Years

May 3, 1923

Fifteen thousand acres of ground, spanning the Miami Valley from Piqua to Hamilton, have been placed on the market by the Miami Conservancy district, it was announced yesterday by S. Graham Smith, manager of farm lands for the district. The land will be marketed at rates, ranging from $33 to $400 an acre, the variation being due to location and condition. The land is part of the original purchase of 33,000 acres in the $35 million project.


A modified financing plan for the acquisition of the country club and additional property will be presented to the club membership at a meeting to be held Thursday evening in the court room. Members are urged to attend the meeting to cut down on the number of necessary calls by solicitors.

75 Years

May 3, 1948

Battle lines were drawn in Sidney last night to fight a movement in Ohio to establish a unicameral (one-house) legislature. Twenty persons, including three state representatives, members of chambers of commerce, and the Farm Bureau from eight western Ohio municipalities met at Voisard’s restaurant to map plans for smashing the unicameral drive being pushed by the metropolitan centers. B.W. Phelan, of Versailles, was named president of the group, with Kenneth McDowell, of Sidney, elected treasurer.


J.E. Bryan was re-elected president of the Central school Parents-Teachers Association at its annual business meeting last evening. Mrs. Everett Gardner was named vice president; Mrs. Jacob Mentges, secretary, and Mrs. Harvey Kah as treasurer.

50 Years

May 3, 1973

Election of Larry J. Billing as a director of First Federal Savings and Loan Association was made at the board meeting Monday it was jointly announced by Chairman Frank F. Amann and President Edwin L. Frey.


Ferguson Construction Co., Sidney, was awarded a $1,271,667 contract to build the new full facility Sidney-Shelby County Family YMCA on Parkwood Boulevard in the northern part of the city.

Action came at the YMCA board meeting Monday night. Thomas Given, general manager of Ferguson Construction, estimated construction time of 10 to 12 months, depending on the weather.

25 Years

May 3, 1998

About 1,751 Shelby County youths age 15-19 use tobacco. A new group made up of their fellow teens wants to cut that number to 615.

Reduction of cigarette smoking and other tobacco use is the first objective of the Shelby County Youth Committee, which held its first meeting Thursday morning at Wilson Memorial Hospital

The committee, made up of students from six high schools in Shelby County, is an outgrowth of the Miami Valley Youth Health Improvement Coalition, an eight-county group supervised by the Miami Valley Health Improvement Council. The MVHIC, based in Huber Heights, is a regional health-planning body established in 1963.

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