Memorial Day changes at Graceland Cemetery


SIDNEY – Memorial Day services at Graceland Cemetery will have some changes this year.

Chris North, executive director of Shelby County Veteran Services Commission, will be doing a roll call of the veterans that are buried in Shelby County. He requests people call or email him directly to provide him these names before May 26. North can be reached at 937-498-7284 or [email protected].

Traditionally the cemetery provides between 1,500 and 1,600 flowers for families to either plant at the graveside or take home as a remembrance of their loved ones. Unfortunately, due to supplier issues, this will not be able to happen this year. North reached out to their normal suppliers plus many others, and even combining suppliers they are unable to get the number of flowers needed. North said, “It is unfortunate that we can’t provide it this year, not due to our lack – we want to honor and respect those who have gone before us – but because our suppliers could not supply them.”

Instead, this year The Sidney Flower Shop will be creating a large wreath to be placed at the flagpole at Graceland. There will still be flags placed at each gravesite.

Memorial Day ceremonies will begin at 9 a.m. at the Shelby County Courthouse before moving to the Graceland Cemetery.

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